DAY 106 I am once pen down a few backlogs! Life is great I must say...I come back home with a fresh mind and a happy face. What else could one ask for?

Joining a new place helps you to meet different people of multiple personalities and you become a part of the rainbow as well. Some of them are great...some just good and some may be..not so good. But at the end of the day...I like being amongst each and every one of them because every day I get to learn a new thing. Learning free of cost :D

Moreover...being financially independent now...there is a sense of responsibility which has grown inside me in the last few days. I feel that I owe so much to all those who have always wanted me or have been a support (in all the ways possible) so that I reach where I am today. A little push from each and every one of them has finally made me win the race and be a champion!

I hope that I would be able to do all I need to do in this journey of life. Although I sometimes feel ...this duration is just too short for everything I have planned....but lets see... :D

PS- I would like to apologise to each and every follower of mine and those whom I follow as well...for not being able to be updated on their blogs. I promise to try and catch up with all of you soon..!


  1. Financial freedom sounds good..:)
    When am I receiving ur call then??
    Let the Collage fill itself at ur wrkplace..

    Miss ya..



  2. :)

    Have fun...
    Get life to the cruising mode..

    Happy piloting.

  3. I also would like to apologize...i didnt commented here on time :)

    ah,my work is at its max stress new ppl is so much hectic...i got another batch of 5 ppl and my company loaded all the new 5 freshers on my shoulder :( :P

    anyway its good you are enjoying ur work :)

  4. need to apologize! and thats great that you are guiding new minds! thanks for your wishes!


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