DAY 103 (A lot to tell..)

I had to write this one I have been postponing it...since God knows when..!!! has suddenly turned upside down (and its all in the good aspects..!). Its true that the best things take the longest to arrive..! And this is one of those.

A few days ago...I got to meet MR. FAROOQ SHEIKH..(Yes...the same famous actor..!!!)...and what an experience it was..!
Gosh..that man is so energetic and full of life even at the age of 63. You can learn to be lively and live with the "essence of life" by him. He so simply conveyed the message...that life is much more than "the things"....the materialistic possesions. And most of us realise it when they are 63. The basic and the simplest example of it was his dressing sense which he always follows....a simple "Lucknow chiken kurta and chudidaar". Although he was wise enough (or in his words....lazy enough..!!) to cherish being with the "people" rather than running after the "things" and the proof of it lies in the fact that he has done just 30 films in his whole career.
There were so much more in his stories...including the hilarious incidents and the "mantras". So in simple words...hats off to the man...!!!

More than that...there is one more "unlike me" activity/practice which I have started recently....and seeing its "at-great-pace-after-effects" I have to suggest it to you too. Its WALKING. 
Be it morning walk or night walk (I do both and morning walk is most beneficial...) if you wanna be hail and hearty in the long should definitely try and bring it in your practice.

I know...I would say.....who will wake up that early...and go for a stupid walk....right? Hmmmm...I used to be just like you just a few days back as a matter of fact. In the was quite stupid and WTF for me too. But then...when I saw the results in terms of mental freshness and physically active symptoms....I realized what a necessity it is! If you love should show some affection to taking care of it as well....and the more natural means you follow...the healthier you are.

So guys....these were the basic headlines which I wanna discuss for today. I'll surely be quicker in my posts hopefully. New job brings responsibilities in loads. So to balance it.....please cope up with me.. !!!!


  1. nooooooooo... u shouldnt agree with th walking thing... I hate walking.. specially in the morning... I feel lazy if I walk... I know it must be sounding weird but thats what happens with me... I so so so hate walking.. :( plz dont say that u like it... plz plz plz...

  2. @chanz...lolzzzz...i didn't...i swear i hated it much more than you..but since i have to get up early i prepone it for half an hour more...and just go for it. try it once without any soul involved...and after few'll write a post on it too..!!

  3. Everybody walks in the morning Supriya.. at least they walk up to the Loo..
    Farooq Sheik reminded of the wonderful film Bazaar..

  4. about farooq sheikh...he reminds me of many great movies..!


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