DAy 104 (A pending tag...which I just noticed..!!)

First of all...I am really sorry..Meenakshi...I really couldn't go through any of the blogs I follow because of being extremely pre-occupied. And now thank you really...for tagging me :)

Now here comes the tag rules:

* Mention the name and link of the person who awarded it to you - Thats above...just click on Meenakshi and you'll get her link.
*Thank the person - Obviously I would..and its already done!
*copy and paste the award on my blog
*Mention 7 things I find beautiful.
*Pass it on to 7 beautiful bloggers.

And here comes my second award....yippppieeeeeeeeeeeeee...!!!

And now here comes the 7 things I find beautiful....

1. The early Morning beauty

2. Smell of the rain

3. Creativity in any form especially in writing

4. Life which gives friends like Akansha

5. The warmth of Grandparents' affection

6. The relationships which just happen not because you are bound to be in them because you want to be   bonded.

7. The inner beauty of any individual.

And now passing on the trophy to 7 beautiful bloggers-

1. Nipun (Nippu)
2. Farida
3. Chanz
4. Chitz
5. Mr. Stupid
6. Sorcerer
7. Brenda

Happy Blogging everyone!


  1. yay...!! i got tagged again... yippiiieeeeeeee...

  2. Thanks for the tag, Supriya. And I love the smell of the rain too.XO

  3. @brenda....your most welcome brenda..!! :D

  4. Thanks for the tag Supriya.. I will catch up with it soon enough.

  5. @farida...sure..take your time..!!


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