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Day 245 (Being an outsider...)

It's a feeling of not belonging. Like I am an outsider. Sometimes, this feeling creeps in and lingers for so long that it becomes poisonous, it makes me hateful.

I have so many reasons why did I leave my hometown and did not choose to stay nearby. But, all those reasons could make me only conditionally happy. From the food to the surroundings, nothing is same. Nothing is home.

I speak and seem like no one is relating to anything. I share my likes/dislikes, my choices and I see faces made. I work, and I find myself dumb among all those insiders.

Yes, I am an outsider. And I am in my own country.

Choice. I always thought its an easy word. A word with just one meaning. But, I see choices being judged everywhere. Choices being marked right and wrong or in terms of latest generation - Awesome and ewwww. And look at me being a fool, I always thought that choices are very personal. One-to-one mapping. I like this. You like that. Simple.

It is not that it is always disrespectful. I try a…

DAY 244 (For all the better halves...)

I hear married people cracking spouse jokes all the time. Especially when they are not with their spouse. Even more especially if their marriage has crossed a decade.

In Office:
Bachelor Employee: Hey let's go to food court today. We will have some butter chicken.
Married Employee: Wife has given me dabba (lunchbox)dude. If it's not empty when I reach home, I will have to listen to taunts till the entire week.
(Both laugh hysterically)

Bachelor Employee: Hey I have got sweets from my native!
Married Employee: Hey are you happy or are you married?
(Whole row of cubicle roar with laughter)

In a Mall:
Bachelor Dude 1: Hey Dude, how come you got time on this weekend to meet me?
Married Dude 2: Wife finally gone to her parents house yaar. I told her I will be very busy whole week. Let us bunk office and plan a trip.
(Wink Wink from both ends)

In a restaurant:
Gossip Queen 1: Kitty party next weekend?
Gossip Queen 2: Oh my God! You are free this weekend?? How come?
Gossip Queen 1: …