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DAY 234 (The pushed away things.. )

Sometimes you are losing everything to just catch up your daily routine. That phone call that you had to return, that hilarious incident you had to share, that new t-shirt in your wardrobe had a month's anniversary there all alone, that book you had to finish, that friend you had to see on skype, that movie you had to re-watch, that long un-interrupted forgotten sleep, those silent talks, just holding hands, going for a long walk under the stars...

Gosh ! It seems like a decade passed. You promise yourself every Friday to have a peaceful weekend. But then your official commitments kick those promises to next weekend. And the next one .. never comes !

So this weekend I thought to let some of the promises come true. Those couple of phone calls and catching up with friends was such a relief. These small things sometimes revive you for a long time. And it is never too late. Those who love you are always waiting for you and your time.

So just revive yourself once in a while. It is muc…