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DAY 247 (The story of a tribe..)

There was this group of people who used to meet once in every week. It was necessary to meet for them because of a forgotten illogical vow that they took when they met each other for the first time. The group started increasing in size and it became a tribe. The head of the tribe (let's call him "Guruji") started leading the people. When they used to meet, they thought they will talk about common topics. For example, who is new in the tribe, who left the tribe, what should we do in our tribe to make our group stand-out from other tribes,etc.

But Guruji thought otherwise. People used to come with high hopes to Guruji every week and try not to sleep/wander away in the discussions. Guruji starts every meeting with "how are you doing" and ended at "how you should be doing".

Guruji, as per his title, liked to read and implement philosophies in his life. Problem started when he became philosophical in those meetings and started to share everything he saw/r…

DAY 246 (#EngineersDay)

So its Engineer's day today and I see a lot of hashtags here and there. I too participated in a few. Sometimes I wonder if hashtags were famous during my college days.

Guys calling each other in cafeteria
Oye #Abuse1
Abey #Abuse1 + #Abuse2

Girls during exam times
Girl1: Can you you give me your #Subject notes for the evening
Girl2: There are no #notes
Girl1: (starts crying): How will I pass? #Sob #Sob #Sob
Girl2: I have the #photostats of important pages in the book
(smiles exchanged)

Professors in classroom
Prof: Yes Mr. #CoolDude , tell me the answer of this question
#Cooldude: Sir I was on #leave yesterday
Prof: Get out of my class. You are #suspended.
#Cooldude (messaging): #Suspended #OfficialBunk #PartyTonight

I know its a strange and weirdly funny blog and I don't know why didn't I write a better and sensible blog for #EngineersDay.
But you know...we engineers are never sensible so #WhoCares ! #Cheers