DAY 91 (Yukkkk..!!!)

Another GODFATHER for guys is out now....and yes I am talking about LSD (Love Sex and Dhoka) ! Standing ovation for Miss Ekta Kapoor who chose to leap from the head to toe covered Saas and bahus to directly all nude perverts...!! I have seen guys being so curious for this movie probably because its been a long time after DEV D for them to watch something "meaningful" like this.

I find you tube links of the promos and the special songs of the movie in their social networking site's status and they are just so proud of that. I am ...and I am sure every girl is amazed with the criteria of their meaningfulness!

Either everything yukkkyyyy is just their type or they have not been keen to explore any other thing in the world than this! I am sick and tired of the caller tunes which I get to hear now whenever I call up any one of them and then I just do not want to talk any further after that. I believe learning Biology compulsorily till class 10th atleast has given only this perk to them. And God knows why still they all are all-time curious and charged to know more and go deeper..(I know what did the perverts think!!)!

I always wondered really how did Dev D hit the blockbuster charts? What was in it? And then I realised.....this is a men-dominating society...!! Why wouldn't it be a huge blockbuster? How could I be so dumb in the first place?

So guys...all the very best watching the gyan-vardhak and intellectual piece of art. I do not hope as I am sure you all are gonna love it...!! Enjoy your own perverted style..!!


  1. hello know i really like reading your blogs but I must say today I am disappointed...really...I know the blogs are meant to share "your" feelings but even then if you don't like a movie doesn't mean everyone else doesn't either(I haven't seen LSD yet so m nt sure whether i'll like the movie or not)...and secondly u have just generalized all the guys as "PERVERTS" the hell did you reach at that conclusions...I don't feel its a male dominated society nymore but then if u will keep calling it that it just might become that for u...(u shud c the of attaction...hehehe)...nyways my only disagreement with u is u can't generalize all the boys as pervert...girls are not "doodh ki dhuli" either...cause if boys are going to watch girls are making such pervert movies(kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi)...and one last thing don't take ny thing seriously and FOR GOD's SAKE don't compare LSD with GODFATHER...take care...

  2. Mam.. i think if u do not have such taste u have no right to piont out some1 or a group of ppl. i think u must just concentrate on what u want to do,rather than pointing out other and hence proving ur self (gals) to be so pure///. c the world out all are the same. gals are not less than boyzz these dayz.. open ur eyes. Xactly gals are not "doodh ki dhuli". Ekta Kapoor is a live Example.. huh..! lol. "HENCE PROVED"

  3. @siddharth....quite expected reaction...and majority rules actually...thats why I talked about guys..I can't really knock on every other door and take the review. Thats not my job. I speak what i see. And I myself spoke against Ekta Kapoor...and once again I would point out majority rules...and she is not in the majority of girls. Next thing I called those who have such taste as perverts and the people who worked for this. Rest no issues...! And I am sorry if I disappointed you anyhow as a reader...but I am sure every "guy" got disappointed after reading this post..! And I am not imposing my choice of creativity on anyone else. I just tried to express that those who have such taste...what opinion I posess about them. take care dude...!

  4. @dev...same reaction as for siddharth because you both almost chose the same kind of feedback.

  5. even if according to u such is the case u shud not go arnd posting such things on the internet...people have opinion but it does not mean u will go arnd publicly throwing derogatory remarks...its plain and simple wrong...whether majority rules or not ur attitude in this particular blog is not appreciable...i don't expect u to say sorry like u did...but pls consider such comments before posting them online...take care and enjoy...

  6. Wow di!!
    A good remark on the male dominated society.
    But in a way I feel that its not just the man but the women also who are contributing to such things.
    Its time to join hands and not fight amongst us.
    The same excitement goes through everyone's mind while anything like this LSD or Dev D are out whether it be a boy or a girl or someone who has studied biology very deeply.
    Its a gesture which the movie makers want the audience to show and they get success most of the times.
    Write what u like di. Perverts need not read..:)
    They will be the one who will raise their voices.
    Kudos for showing the true u..:)



    p.s. Lovely di..:)

  7. ur brother is calling me a pervert...great yaar...i didn't know objective to something made u pervert...nyways apologies from this pervert...

  8. @siddharth...hey yaar just calm down...why has all this heated up so much? Can't we have a healthy conversation here? He is my bro so he is just defending me. Don't be offended please. And about the previous remark...i mean the one before my bro posted his views...thank you for clearing your views again...but seriously...I just put up my reviews and observations here...and I take the responsibility of all damages here on regarding myself. Thats all I can say.

  9. @nippu....ab tujhse kya bolu...? I already wrote what I felt...and thank you for being a real bro here! :)

  10. yeah...! because hezz ur bro, hezz trying to defend u,, it seems so. nywyz. tcr in future, think wise before posting in any such views. i mean in a way that u an't directly blaming some1 without a reason or just because u dont like something dosen't mean, the person into it is wrong or bad. this way u may tend to loose ur readers. (just a humble suggestion-- on u to follow.)
    @Siddhart-- u r absolutely true frnd. but some ppl do nt really understand the thinking and the lifstyle level.. And the comment section dosent contains of healthy comments or conversation happening. so bter foget all bout it.. tcr.

  11. @dev...i was just enjoying being in a democratic country...FULL STOP!

  12. @ My fellow Countrymen

    I will keep on writing what I feel is true.
    I am not MF Hussain.
    Sue me for this.
    Let me face u.
    M not defending anyone but my individuality.



  13. @nipun....good one..! m proud of you..!

  14. @ dev

    Obviously I will stand by my sister..:)
    U have no ryts even if its a democratic country..:)

  15. nice individuality. ur di seems to b ur spoortive stick or vice-versa. keep defeding eachothr. i love tis. ha ha ha. n u wana face me come lets do tht.. kiddo..! lol..

  16. @ dev
    Look hu's talking to whom..:)
    No identity.
    New to the world and talks like a veteran.
    I can understand.
    this happens with newbees..
    Very gud.
    I m proud of u..

    *Goes to sleep*


  17. oh closed eyes.. kiddo u need to open up to face me.. now tht a FULL STOP..!

  18. Ha ha ha.... I agree... The last time I checked We were in a free country....
    Nice one Supriya.... this is your blog... so that makes you the blogess.... Enjoy writing

  19. oh my lecture on individuality,democratic country,veteran,newbees...blah blah...c my only and only intentions of coming out and posting anything at all was the fact that as a guy i feel offended of being called a PERVERT for absolutely no reason at all...i didn't mean to offend anyone's blog or sister...hey supriya m not trying to offend you or anything neither am I trying to warn u in ny way my only intentions are that such a comment doesn't sound nice...continue doing good work...take care...

  20. I dont agree with the fact that watching a movie of type LSD will make anyone pervert, or watching kabhi alvida na kehna make anyone infidel or watching godfather will make S1one godfather, Watch what u like , dont watch wat u dislike. I dont know for what ppl watch movies, i watch to destress myself , to have fun , to enjoy the virtual world... Thats it .:)

    If i take further ppl who go and see khajuraho temple are not perverts , they just admire whatever is there and fyi 90% of the tourists in khajurahon are married couples

  21. I think it is not only guys who contribute to the success of a movie because the main reason they go to a movie theater is to spend time with their girlfriends, all alone in the dark.. LOL. So there we go.
    May be few guys are pervert and so are few girls.. let us not say 'all'. Swami Nityananda would feel hurt that way ;)

  22. long time ince i read one of ur blogs... n here i am back, bt wid some bashing... :)

    devd showed, n very brilliantly so, d very fine line of difference between love and lust... and what failure can do to a person... n hw, even after all d failures, one still has a chance to redeem himself.. a very humane story so to speak of... and since everyone fails at some point or d oder, and since everyone falls in d confusing trap of love vs lust at many a points in his life, d movie catered to almost everyone n all of us could/should be able to identify wid d characters of d movie... n u cant call it a haven for pervs coz it wasnt a porno flick, was it... if my memory is correct, it hardly had a few intimate scenes so to speak of...

    n more importantly, its nt only the guys who liked it... am surrounded by a number of movie buffs... n d person who has seen devd for d maximum times is a girl, nt a guy... n before u develop any preconceived notions, a very cultured girl, n nt a perv as u mite b itching to put it... :D

    ps: she has seen it 54 times
    pss: never compare godfather to ne movie!!! i agree wid u here though, u probably hav to b guy to understand d meaning of power... :P

  23. "And God knows why still they all are all-time curious and charged to know more and go deeper..(I know what did the perverts think!!)!"

    and who thot so first, d reader or d writer.. so who joins d bandwagon of d pervs den...?? :P

  24. since i havent seen d movie, i wont defend it... bt at d premise, its a movie bout voyeurism... n wheteher u agree or nt, all of us, at some or d oder level, are voyeurs... so many of us hav a discussin wats goin on is sum1 else's life... who is going around wid whom... who dumped whom,,, n d like... topics of discussions like dese r pointers enuf to prove my point, i blv...

    n so, dis makes d movie promising... nt a perv thing, bt something, wich again we all can relate to...

    rest wil follow once a watch it myself...

    ps: its good to vent ur feelings... bt plzz dnt generalize things on the basis of ur feelings... u are, after all, a very small part of d huge sample space dat first needs to b studied to pass on a generalised judgement... :)

    pss: go for d century, bravo!!!!!!


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