DAY 96 (A friendship tale..!!!)

Its gonna be an awesome day today...I can predict that right now. Why? Because I am gonna meet one of my closest friends today...after 6 months. She is working in Banglore since August....and now after so many months..she is back home for few days.

Her name is Aditi. Our friendship has been quite impossible in the beginning. After class 12th...when I did not get satisfactory result from the competitive exams...I decided to prepare for it by dropping one year and doing coaching. There is this famous coaching in Lucknow...TRIVAAG where my journey after school began. Those were few of the best days of my life..!!! My coaching rocked..!!!

I made friends in a blink there. There was this girl...Garima who belonged to Pilibhit and was living in a hostel here to prepare for exams. We became friends the very first day. And then gradually the network grew. I,Garima and gang...had a real blast in the full one year. We still are in contact and she comes to visit me here in Lucknow at times.

But did Aditi come in scene...right? Actually Aditi was also one of the batchmates. But we had different circle of friends. I never liked any of them...and it was always quite a puzzle for me...that how did Aditi fit in that group? She was one person whom someone can look upto. A jolly good person...very friendly (unlike her group)...always ready to help...quite intelligent...and dude..what height..phewww..!!! Whenever I and Garima missed the class..I used to choose Aditi for the past class reference. Garima never liked that...because she always thought that she was one among the group....the bitchy types. Although I always had positive vibes and thus I just ignored her views regarding this.

And then...when the coaching was about to finish....we all were exchanging slam books to remember each other. And then I wrote a letter to Aditi rather than filling up the slam that I could tell her...that she'll always be one of the finest memories of these glorious days.

And then I forgot about it. But then in the evening she called me up...and showed her gratitude. It was quite unexpected for me...because I never thought she would acknowledge it that much. And then..I thats it...!!! Coaching over...and I and Garima are the ones...who are left bonded.

But once contrary to my expectations...she called back again and remained in touch regularly. We talked once in a blue moon...but that was much... much more than my expectations.

But since life is full of surprises. When we were in our third year of was this summer training which was supposed to be done. We were just talking about it on phone....when we realised...that HAL is one of the common places where we are trying. For was like a golden opportunity...!!! I tried to convince her to join HAL only....but I was quite sure of her denial because it was extremely far away from her residence. But once again..she surprised me.We did our training together..and man...!!! What a blast we had..!! It was less of a training and more of a picnic for us. Since it was Dad's office we always bunked the sessions and used to hang out at Dadi's place! We talked so much...about so many things...and then I realised it was meant to be..!!!

Since then...we are quite in regular touch...and there are many fond memories together. Life is awesome...with friends like her...and I am born lucky..!!! :D  


  1. Hi Supss...

    You are right.... With good friends, life looks easy and you feel lucky....

  2. Meeting old friends is a great feeling. Looks like you guys did have lots of fun. Have a good day!:)

  3. Dedicated to Aditi..:)
    U have a very delightful way to express ur feelings di..
    One for me.
    One for Akansha ji..P
    One for the Analysis Fren..
    And now this one..:)
    Love u di..:)
    Never loose such frens coz dey r bound to be wid us with or without the choice..
    God is great to give u frens lyk her..



    p.s. If Aditi is reading this then I would say to her that never let my suppy di go away....:)

  4. @Mr. Stupid...We undoubtedly had a great time..!!

  5. @nippu..thanks nippu for caring for me so much..!! I am too lucky to have a brother like you..!! love you..!!

  6. One more good friend in your life... you know how to appreciate your friends and it is always nice knowing them through you. I guess Aditi loves Bangalore...

  7. @farida...thankyou but how did you conclude that...i mean aditi loves banglore??..thats not the way..! :(

  8. @farida... sups a more than 100% right..i don fancy bangalore. this may sound moronic bt s true to d core!!!!!!

    @ nipun..don u worry n ur suppy di have a life long bond :)

  9. i was just browsing thru ur blog this time and saw the pic of ur friend...pehle to main ye bata dun ki pic is very good..bahut achhhi, bina comment diye raha nahi gaya

    and ya, its always nice to have some quality time with old friends...mere liye to kuch dost bahut hi inspiring hain, jab bhi unse milta hun kaafi achha lagta hai :)

    good to read this post :)

  10. and aditi ji,
    main bhi bangalore mein rehta hun..aur mujhe to ye shaher kaafi pasand hai halanki ye alag baat hai ki jab se is shaher mein aaya hun(last 3yr) kafi zindgi mein sukoon ya rahat nahi mili...bahut jyada zindgi ulajh gayi hai but fir bhi i love bangalore :)


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