DAY 87 (The art of advisory...!!!)

It happens with me many a times that when something is badly messed up in my life...or things are not getting straight somehow...I start giving advices to all the crying souls of the world. Strange no? But yeah its true. I actually do that. I become the ultimate counselor at that time. Ask me,career,love...anything at all..!!! And you'll get the perfect answers. Your life will be straight back on track...and I will be left at that same messy point.

Probably I feel that solving other's problems...would get me my solution somehow too. But the thing is...I do ask the clients (no other word running in my mind...) to follow me...and they do that...but when its me..I can't follow myself back. And there I finish where I started..!!

That may be a rare phenomenon gifted exclusively for me. But its like a web....and I cannot come out of it just in a snap. It happens automatically. Some switch of advisory gets on as soon as I find myself in deep shit. And I pretend to find satisfaction in making other's happy....which is just not totally enough for me as a matter of fact. I am still in the puzzle...!

Well...its an unending the cycle goes on and on and on.....
So I'll put a full stop here...and wish you guys to have a very nice day...Chao...!!! :)


  1. My best friend is totally like u...

    btw how did mayawati's rally go in lucknow.. Didnt u go..?? :D

  2. @chanz...naa yaar...i chose to sit back and watch some movies..but the rally was a real MAHA RALLY..!! It was basically in my area of residence only...! Mayawati is a true attention seeker...!

  3. I know what u want to say di!!

    Wait n watch..:P

    Mayawati sucks!!
    The garland she wore is the only thing which can be highlighted..:)



  4. galat samjh re ho tum...bhai!
    anyway....mayawati ne itni badi rally karayi ...naam to usika hua na...!

  5. Next time you are in a mess just let me know... That is quite promising

  6. @farila...sure...i will..!! :D


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