DAY 94 (Being miserable..!!!)

A few weeks ago...while discussing something with my analysis friend he said "I've stopped crying over things which I can't change". I was amazed. And I still am. For me its like an automatic process. There is no facility of giving instructions and following them. Its just that it makes its own way through my eyes.

The failures, the unwanted amendments or anything in the world....! It leaves a mark...."Why did it happen?" or "What if...!" I always wanted to have these keys of "stop crying". But I could never succeed.

Does this makes me a sad person? But I am quite vibrant...I love having fun....and I am social as well. And so I don't think I should be tagged so. But I want an opinion from someone else.

Life gets miserable at times. It can't be weekly or monthly..! You cannot mark the maximum allowed miserable days on calendar. It happens when it is meant to happen. And if it gets frequent it the victim's fault? Is it he/she who is responsible for all the ugliness? Obviously the victim is not enjoying being miserable!

But people don't understand it. Why would they? And its foolish on my part to give it a try as well....


  1. Well, we have our bad days and sometimes months... and when we look at some years we realise that they were bad on the whole... and say "boy! what a year that was!!' but i guess everyone comes out of it sometime or the other... as we enjoy something, we fret about other things... when we are happy, we are happy in the full mode... so let's fret it in full mode too... cheers!!!

  2. Life has to go on and life find those spots to get distracted or get engaged to carry on..
    That is life!!

  3. Everyone has their own way of dealing with emotions they feel. Crying is one of them and I think it lets the emotions flow out of you through your tears... not bad. Even if crying is not going to change anything people can cry to feel light... (at least it will clean your eyes LOL)

  4. Life di Life...
    :) :)
    :( :(
    :P :P
    :D :D
    :O :O
    All mixed h na..:)



  5. @nippu...i know..and i love the way you said it..!!

  6. aise choti moti dukhi moments ko surf excel se saaf rakha karo, kyunki har daag ache nahin hote :P

  7. Everyone has bad days. I have worse days most times. Though, not emotionally. I always laugh at "Times gone wrong!".
    Always hope for something good tomorrow. If it doesn't happen, there is always the "Day After"... hehe

  8. @lincoln...hehehe...was that another of your PJ post??? :D

  9. @Mr.Stupid...First of all..I like your profile!!! And next...The day after theory always cheers..!!!


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