DAY 86 (Laughter Day..!!!)

Its a laughter day actually for me and my ANALYSIS FRIEND...!!! We both are too happy as we got our joinings after such long trial..!! His news came yesterday night. And it was Yippppieeeeeeeee...!!! :D

Its so strange that sometimes struggling together makes you friends. Every bad thing brings a perk with it to balance. And for me it was my ANALYSIS FRIEND..!! People come and go...and you many a times somehow skip to talk to the right me in college days! But then...if you are destined to be friends will surely find a way.

I know if any of my college mates are reading this....they would have find a real gossip by now...but you know what..I really don't care..!!! I live on my own terms...with like-minded people surrounding me. These guys are out of my circumference. its celebration time now...!!! Days have changed...and we are the winners! He got his joining in Banglore...(which is wow..!) and I am in Lucknow :( itself.

But the important thing is...we are back on track finally. 

Cheers to this happiness..!!! :D


  1. Cool h di!!
    If its your fren then he must be awesome at analysis..:)
    And yes kick them who find gossips in these things..:P
    Wish I could join you in such a joyous time..:)



  2. @nippu....yes already kicked them!!

  3. HI Supriya,

    You are absolutely right... People have their places in our lives.. some on the inside of the circle and others wayyyyyyy... wayyyyyy outside the circle. And congrats Btw

  4. @ratz....thank you so much...!

  5. Congrats!! 0n the joining as well as the attitude you are taking on.. its gonna see you a long way in happiness.. :)

    keep smiling (had been away from blogosphere, will catch up on ur older posts soon)

  6. @meenakshi....atleast you are back....thank god..!! welcome to blogging world once again..!! and thankyou so much for all your wishes...!!


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