DAY 73 (Insane system of education..!)

Oh my God...!! I am so petrified right now. Why? Because its my sister's first paper of 12th class board exams today. Although I know that she will rock but the thought of her first board paper is giving me goosebumps. My fingers are all crossed hoping for the best. And I hope that my prayers do work.

In this era of cut-throat competition...there is so much comparison to such high-level references that the child is half-dead to imagine the consequences if he/she doesn't score better than the other relatives. Its really insane but people don't understand it.

I have seen my own sister struggling with this crazy ideology and all I do is just console her. Thats because I know that its never gonna end. People will remain the same and so will be their thinking. They will pressurize the child and then put their hands up saying that they don't have a clue why the child is getting so dull and weak.

For just once... they should let them do it on their own without any baggage of references. Let them just study and give their best. Let them think about learning and not competing. And then see and observe the change. I am sure you'll be satisfied with the results.

For now...please you too pray for my little sis to win the battle. Amen..!!


  1. Will pray for your little sis, Supriya.XO

  2. Sigh...

    What will become of our children, m afraid..

  3. @brenda...thanks brenda...!!

  4. @chanz....dnt even think about it...!!!


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