DAY 226 (FIFA fever for the non-feverish ones !! )

That time of the year when people find you with swollen eyes in office and some might find you even dozing off here and there. And why not take such a risk? Its FIFA World Cup 2014 !! Comes once in 4 years and asks for just a month of your life. Worth it? Totally !!

Everyone has their interests... but football fans...for us it is like something flowing in our blood stream. We can't be Brazil thats one thing. But we are as excited as any other south-american or European at present. There are no continents..or borders in football. It binds us as one nation..nation of football fans! For us, it is not just a game. Its a religion. We don't wake up to watch that last 3:30 am match just for the sake of it. We can't sleep without knowing what happened and being the live witness of it.

However, those who don't have this craziness flowing in their blood stream find all this very weird. They give us names...crazy, out of their mind, and even call us show-offs. It has pissed me off frequently because I acknowledge and respect everybody's interest quiet fairly. But then now it doesn't matter. Because I have understood the void in those who can't relate to it. The passion and the thought frequency of us (the football lovers) is much isolated from every other area of interest in this world. It is not possible to understand it till you know it.

And when its either know about it or you don't know about it. No one should even dare to compare it with something as silly as cricket because you don't need to live cricket. You watch maybe an over of both innings and you were pretty much a part of it. Football however, is living it !!

Well...since I have absorbed and started ignoring the ignorance...there is something new that I have observed. If you talk a lot in front of someone about this sport and if he has no clue what you are talking about...he will find it very cool eventually. Next day, you will find him searching for FIFA mobile skins, football jerseys and what not!

But my dear non-fans....this is not called the fan-ship for football. Football is a pure sport unlike those sports which become fashion eventually. It is followed from heart and not mugged up with scores to boast.

It is not something just "cool" so as to make you its followers. It is another life in itself. It is sweat. It is courage. It is FIFA...and for this is BRAZIL...!


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