DAY 22 (I am the luckiest Girl on the planet..!!)

People so proudly boast about their families...the bondings they share and all..!! Good..infact that is something great..!! But,I believe only blood relations are not the lifeline ...
Now...that doesn't mean that I do not care about the blood relatives or I am taking them for granted...I am just telling you a personal experience...

And here...I am not talking about just friendship....! Friends are not related to us genetically....thats obvious...and everyone has friends too...! I am talking of something different.

A few posts ago...I told you that none of my grandfather's children....possessed any son and that was so punishing for him too...! It irritated us sometimes when he used to be so eager to have a grandson. was never like that he didn't love us or anything..but did pinch us all the time. Now..thats a different thing that he lately got his grandson finally.

But...I am talking the story before that. When...festivals like RAKSHABANDHAN or BHAI DOOJ used to arrive...we sometimes wanted a brother too. When...those eve-teasers troubled us...we missed a support whom we can boast about too. And that could have continued for 23 years for me. god's grace I got two very sweet,loving,caring,protective,naughty...and whatsoever qualities one wants to be in her the form of my BEST FRIEND'S BLOOD RELATED TWIN BROTHERS-SHREYAM and SHUBHAM!

Although I can't really remember the day when I made them my official brothers by sending them RAKHIS ... but was in the year 2007...I suppose!

Never did I feel....that they are not my real brothers..or they love me lesser than their real sister....or they can be less available for me than anyone else! And I call myself the luckiest girl in that respect!

To give you another example...God blessed me with the motherly love and blessings of my hindi teacher MRS. RACHNA BALA VERMA whom I can count upon for anything I wanna learn,share or discuss in my life! For real....she has two children...both younger than me in age...but never has it happened that I haven't got that eldest daughter kind of feeling from her. 

So thats the magic of emotions...! I am not underestimating...the importance and aura of family or Its just that I have really got respect and assurance in such NOT OFFICIALLY BONDED RELATIONS that I can't really dare to deny their importance. 

They will be always as important to me as they always are...and will maintain the same important key to survive!

PS- I have the snap of only my brothers and not Rachna ma' thats why you do not see her in this post!


  1. Friends are treasures. Am glad you've got them in your life. Cherish them forever Supriya.XO

  2. kachar u behna

  3. u too bhai...!!!


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