DAY 39 (Wish you long life Grandpa......!!!! )

Oh its a day to celebrate and to thank god!!! Yes...its my Grandpa's 80th birthday!!! Isn't that awesome??? I really thank god to give him those wonderful 80 years....and wish him to have a long and happier life ahead.

Oh...he is such a great intellectual who is a genius actually! I so much admire him for his writings and excellent work. And I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy for him too.... :D

I wish I was earning right now....but still...I have planned something very special for him...although it would only be me and grandma to do the celebrations (everyone else is busy)...but who cares..??...its gonna be great! As they say....the older you grow...the younger you become! So its gonna be a full BACHHA PARTY sort of thing...with all those balloons...decorations...birthday caps...cake...and his favourite dish....chicken (slurp..)...!!! I hope he likes the idea of celebration and everything would rock.

I am all in the mood to party hard today.....
Ohhhh...gotta go...will be late otherwise...!
Will tell you guys did it go...!!!


  1. WOW!
    Happy birthday post to your grandpa.
    Good one and a blog post dedicated for him is a fine thing to do

  2. What a sweet Post ! Happy birthday to your granpa.
    Came over from Farida to say hi and I just love your blog.

  3. ohh..thanks betty...!! i hope to c u!

  4. A uniqye gift for your grandpa.
    Does he read ur blog btw??
    Happy Bday to him..



  5. Happy 80th to you Grampa Supriya.x

  6. @nipun .... no he doesn't read it...coz he doen't have internet connection at his place...and neither does he know about computers...
    and thank you for your wishes to him...
    sure party is a when are you coming to lucknow??

  7. @brenda...thanks dear...more for correcting what you wrote...he he...

  8. Hi Supriya I had left a comment here earlier but cannot see it anymore...
    Ok let me try to recall what I wanted to tell you..
    I am so happy that your grandparents have you in their life. It must be wonderful to celebrate his 80th birthday. I was sort of feeling so bad and that got reflected in my post about the old woman on my blog. Coming over to your blog has made me feel soothed.

    I am glad Betty connected with you. She is amazing blogger with wonderful pictures and you will love her blogs. Also she has best of comments for any blogs she likes.

  9. thanks farila for your wishes and guiding me to betty as well...!!!


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