DAY 18 (Handling Success..!!)

I always talk about achieving,desiring,aiming and things like those.
But you know,I believe its really important to know how to carry yourself after the achievements too. Handling success is a task in itself. And if I would really mention someone as the reference.... then for me it would be the bollywood celebrity KONKONA SEN SHARMA. 

Yes..yes! I know that I do not know her personally or anything and every one of them is diplomatic on screen but I seriously have a strong feeling that this lady stands out from the crowd. She has stated this several times that she is not very ambitious or anything. She just does work when she feels she is capable to do it. Awards don't flatter her out of the way and she just feels that she finds herself best in all her mother's movies (the one her mother has directed). Thats what I call true modesty! Seriously! I am pretty sure she is a great human being because that is effortlessly reflected from her persona everytime I watch her on the big screen or any of those rarest interviews. Hats off!

I don't know how... but I can really relate myself to her. The simplicity in work,the easiness in saying things and the ability to simplify life is all just MY KIND OF THINGS!

And now...I really don't wanna fall into a crazy or SABSE BADA FAN sort of stupid category. So I guess I should put a full stop here! But the bottomline is....Konkona Sen Sharma is one celebrity whom I really look upto. And mind you....this is not just the after-effect of "watching Wake up Sid the second time" speaking! I am talking about much more respectful work of hers like...15 PARK AVENUE, MR. AND MRS. IYYER,PAGE 3 etc...

PS- Yesterday after my post turned out to be a really enlightening and appreciation day for me...
All thanks to my teacher Mrs. Rachna Bala Verma and ofcourse my soul friend Akansha Sehgal !


  1. Konkana sure is a different gal in the tinsel town with some good work done too..


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