DAY 43 (Holding back your tongue...!!!)

I know its not a big deal for guys...they are the brand ambassadors of this..but holding ourselves (the girls..) from being abusive..when you really want to... is a total breath-taking job! And when it is about an Indian plus ethical (ahem..ahem..) girl...then its like climbing the Mount Everest.

And this is a regular scenario with me..especially since I have been in hostel...from past 4 years..!! God knows how did I cool down my red face without THOSE WORDS crossing my mind even once before all those years??? And now its like on the tip of the tongue in the form of an arithmetic progression series (mathematics was fun..!!) soon as temperature in my body's CPU rises !!

And the icing on the cake is my sophisticated bundle of useless friends...who can't even stand the first link of the that I can just be partially iced..!!! Gosh .....thats soooo hard to can't even imagine!!

Sometimes I wish that at those particular moments I could be a guy and just start the machine-gun..!!! But alas..what a stupid solution..!!

Anyway...thats hard to be I wait for the automatic depression in temperature...thats all I can do.

PS- Going to watch ISHQIYA today...
       I hope the movie fills up my expectations...and probably will give me some NEW WORDS as well.. :P


  1. recall kareena from jab we met... khul ke gaali do... after all we r in the 21st century, y such a discriminating view bout boys n girls... :P n yes, ishqiya does throw up a word or teo which can definitely be added to ones repertoire... :D

  2. right..but then she had a friend like shahid at that point who could stand them..but my friends...aggghhh..!!!

  3. I have very choicest and classic kind of special gaalis for every people ... which will not be forgotten soon... I am proud of my skill. I am from older generation and come from the family of Burkha clad women.. but I would for no world give up my right in using gaalis... You have given me the idea that I should actually make a blog of the special gaalis for special occasions..

  4. can global warming be cured by swearing?

  5. lol... m sure, ur perception must hav changed by now, after u watched Ishqiya...

    " ***** sulphate..."

    wot say. :P

  6. would be waiting for the special post..

  7. @sorcerer...i can't be philosphical while swearing..!!

  8. @ease...he he he...yup..that was ultimate...!!

  9. Hahaha... i know how it feels... wish we were guys and wouldnt have to think twice before those beep words...

    And yeah.. I really appreciate that the words in Ishqiya were cool... I mean seriosly.. they have been used in such a 'sweet' way that it didnt even sound like an abuse but I just laughed at it.. :)

  10. @chanz...same was my reaction chanz...!!

  11. Emotions are not meant to be controlled..
    They are meant to come out in any way possible.
    Don't control them again. Just do it..(Nike)
    How could u control yourself in those 4 years?
    Thats a tough job for an engineer.
    Nevertheless ishqia wil teach u sum new abuses but u won't be able to share dem with ppl.
    No use..



  12. @nipun..he he he...thanks for the advice dude..!!


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