DAY 19 (Common...risk it !!!)

A few days ago...I was really freaked out watching myself being all lost and nowhere to go. I knew what I wanted since so many years but then I never knew how to go and where to step forward. That was because I was like a MONEY PLANT...growing up with dependence and support and giving no fruits! But then when I realized the outcome...I got terrified. For a little moment...I really didn't know the way out. There were not just 4 directions for me then. I made all permutations and combinations possible.

But..if you are really determined...I bet that you will step forward and no matter how risking or bad decision it might will lead you to something for sure...if not one step towards success then one lesson of life! Really...its so simple and so true..!

Many a times it happens...that just in the fear of how the outcome would be... we do not dare to put down our foot over something decisive. Just not being sure of the way...we do not head towards our destined road. What will be the worst outcome? That will be the wrong path...and you'll be leading to some other address..right? So what??? 

Its not necessary to be right all the me! Personally telling...when I realized that this passion of mine to write something is gonna be wasted for lifetime...and I really didn't know what to do..I started blogging! Then...for the next step,I started discussing it with people. From others point of view...may be it can be called as of no use. But...atleast something is better than nothing! 

Do not expect it to be a huge or grand event at the start...! No one is a born celebrity or anything. You have to start from somewhere. Start it from where your conscience allows you to begin. If you have that spark then it will be followed by a passion! 

And even if you think its the worst of what you have done till date...then you should know that "EVEN A STOPPED CLOCK IS RIGHT TWICE A DAY!" 

And after all...after the can start from the better....because the worst has already happened! Try it once...don't let things go from you. You deserve to become you want to be. Just risk it!


  1. I love this post Supriya!

    You have to start somewhere and work your way up. There is one quote that I've always loved and it's this:

    "You are a light in constant state of perfection."

  2. thanks brenda...!! and the quote is really really b'ful and so true..!!

  3. good one supriya.. Blogging is really a great platform and a great start.. Good that u started here.. hope the starting brings you to the destination of your dreams..

  4. thanks meenakshi...for all your wishes..!!

  5. 1st of all srry 4 not showing up my presence since 2 days.This week had been quite a hectic one :( Good post Supriya! I guess in 2day's world where everything is close yet far apart, I do feel BLOGGING is a gud thing to xpress urself and connect with like minded ppl.And you are right, one has 2 start somewhere 'coz Success soemtimes is nothing but da failures turned inside out.My mantra is "When things go wrong, when things go blue...don't quit.It's da opportunity 2 prove ur worth"

  6. hey..thanks for the mantra neetu..!! and i knew that u must be busy sumwhere...and will turn up to read the left out posts for sure..!! and are back..welcome again..!!


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