DAY 40 (The story of a @@#%#^$&%^*^&(&)*($E&#$.... !!!)

Well...Grandpa's birthday went quite well....and happening...!!! It all went according to the plan (which happens rarely with me) and thus it rocked..!!!

So then I came back quite tired (I am not used of shaking my ass much since 8 months....he he he) but was quite happy for the beautiful day. And then one of my very irritating college-mate managed to spoil my mood somehow...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....!!!

Actually I hate those people who you know ...send those kind of irritating SMS of GUESS WHO and all...!!! And he is the king of the tribe. He is a true CHEAPSTER (we invented this word in college...)  who can't spend a single penny no matter what emergency occurs...but since these mobile phone networks come up with new schemes everyday people like me have to pay for it! He somehow got a SIM card which offers free SMS....and there I was SCREWED!!! 

 I always knew that it was him....because he has been using the same trick to bring that expression of WOHAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....on my face but I guess he forgets his monthly subscription to it. And then assuming himself to be the LORD OF PRANKS, he very confidently called me reveal the so-called mystery of MR. BLANK MESSAGES!!! 

I was in the same tone throughout...which can irritate any human on the earth....but alas...I do not know the trick for such species! I kept my phone that he can self-praise his super-cool ideas and then I can start my award ceremony too.

And finally after 3 minutes I got a chance (after 3 call gets counted in his mobile network....and he wanted to hung up....obviously)! And then I launched the sequel to the BREATHLESS NON-MUSICAL ALBUM !!! 

And when I speak....only Akansha can shut me..!!! So..I went on and on and on....and told him in the bottomline never dare to try this on me again.....!!!

But guess what reply I got in return...
"He he he he...mujhe pata tha tu dar jayegi mere messages dekh kar...lekin ab wo scheme khatam ho gayi thi to maine socha tujhe bata du ke main hi tha ...aur koi nahi! Acha chal mai rakhta hu kyuki....beep beep beep (the engaged tone....Another 3 minutes complete...which means...!!!)
(translation to his reply is- "he he he he....I knew that you'll get scared receiving those SMS but now the SMS scheme of free SMS is over in my I thought I should relieve you by telling that it was just me and no one else. I gotta hang up because....beep beep beep...!!)

All I had on my tongue was A**HOLE!!!


  1. Oh!!
    A cheapster also has feelings.
    What was his fault?
    May be your very good mood got spoiled..
    Cheer up now.
    U can ask him to read this blog so that your true feelings are conveyed to him...:)
    The pic says the Bday story..:)
    Where's my cake??



  2. Wow Supriya ... such a wonderful picture. I think you will treasure this always. I am so happy for all three of you.

    Reading your blog it gives me a feeling the cheapster is in trouble .. real big trouble LOL

  3. @nipun....i really wish he would read that...!!
    your cake is saved here at my!!

  4. @farila....thank you farila...and yes the cheapster is beyond any comparison...

  5. had awesome cake.

    thats a good way to troubleshoot trouble.
    a good read!

  6. what a guy... There is this friend of mine who does the same thing... but the difference is that he is a very good friend.. I get irritated when he does that so I can imagine what you must be feeling...

    Hey, that reminds me that my friend hasnt done anything of this sort since the last 1 year I think.. Thank god... :P

  7. Nice blog! But make it reader friendly. Background is very dark which makes it difficuilt to read. :-)

  8. are one lucky girl out there chanz..!!

  9. @vega...thanks for the suggestion vega...but lol...because i thought you were gonna suggest something about my writing style...well..background is dark..agreed...but thats why its written with white font...but suggestion taken..thanks again..!!

  10. oh come on... its get more irritating.. I cant abuse... :(

  11. I read the post ...I thought and then i clicked on your profile...just to make sure! you are studying in an engineering college!!

    Not surprised..majority of engineers are unadaptive at social behavior...

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. @cahxor...excuse me...this is nothing to do with engineering first of all...and to give a piece of it...i am the one who is talking of social behavior here...
    the cheapster would have been the same no matter what he would be right now.

  14. ha ha ha ha...touchy...but i used "majority"...not all of them!!

  15. @cahxor..i knew it that you would raise this point...but to put up a fact...actually the "majority" should be replaced by a "minority"..

  16. @Supriya

    HA HA HA HA HA...I knew you'd raise BOTH those here is the third point...HA HA HA..O I am not raising any points any more!!

  17. @cahxor..yippieeeee...i won then...!!


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