DAY 30 (...Help me out..!!! )

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......these unwanted guests are none less than those blood-sucking vampires (and here...I am not talking about the handsome Twilight or New moon vampires...mind you..!!!). And my day was full of those.

The best or rather the worst part is that...all belong to different categories...some believe in sarcasm...some are just those manner less junkheads...and some are just sitting till like the end of the world..!!! And on top of it..parents expect you to be so kind and decent to people like them...thats the icing on the cake.

They say that winters has short days and longer nights....but for me yesterday was a vice-versa day. I was like counting every TICK of the clock...but damn it was even slower than the snail. 

I can't really explain you the feeling when feet itches to kick someone's ass and you are talking to the same person with a continous real-looking-fake smile. I really deserve the best actress award for it...I do deserve it! 

From past so many years I have been trying to find the solutions to these kind of jerks...but now or then....CONDITIONS GET APPLIED!!!

If you have some tricks please...pass it on...!!!

PS- The tricks should not upset parents!!! 


  1. sounds like a very familiar situation... guess dats d pain one has to pay for living in a society (read a social life)... in my case, i avoid dat fake smile n remain grim throughout d ordeal... wid continuos practice, paretns too start feeling a bit uneasy bout askin us to sit there throughout... fir bas namaste karke kaam chal jaata hai... :D

    PS: watch out for an upcoming movie... tis called "atithi tum kab jaoge"... gues it wil help provide some neat tricks...

    PS again: u mite even oderwise like it... it stars konkana sen sharma... :)

  2. thanks for the suggestion...and thanksssssssssss a ton for the info abt the upcoming konkona's movie..!!!

    Abt dat only namaste thing ...ive tried it a lot many times too..but u know it doesn't guests are one of those...who can't be shrugged off wid dat ease...!!!

  3. arre nahi, perhaps u dint get me... its nt d guests who r to b shrugged off... aisi haalat rakho ki parents tumhaare namaste karne ke baad khud hi tumhein andar bhej dein... mite jus work...:D

  4. lol...but that will cost me a lot after the guests are gone..!!

  5. Congrats for the best actress award...:)
    I knw how it feels but then what can we do...
    The best thing is to go to a friend's house. Tell them that ur exms are going on.
    Never make eye contacts with them so that they cum to knw that u r not interested..:)



  6. he he...lets start from the 1st alternative...going to friend's place is not possible coz most of my friends are not in the city right now...and those who are....i don't visit their places... studies are finished no exams.... :( (for d 1st time in my life...m missing
    n abt d eye-contact thing..i mentioned it...that those r shameless...nuthing works on them..not even walking out,...

  7. @ Abhinav : I hope you are not kidding ABOUT Konkana's forthcoming movie.Really there is a forthcoming movie called "Atithi tum kab jaoge?"

  8. @Supriya : I don't know if you'll agree with me but everytime I am confronted with a difficult situation I replace "the other side" with "myself".It awlays help me to get the right direction.To be on a lighter note, I suggest involving yourself in other activities like watering plants(madham-madham),taking pet(if any)to a ride (dheere-dheere), taking second bath (slowly-slowly).It will have 3 benefits :-1.)Kill time 2.) Guests will understand u r interested in other activities than them 3.)Such acts wud nt even annoy parents :))))

  9. bingo...!!!! neetu u rock..!!! i do not have nay pet....but would try n find other similar options...!!!


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