DAY 29 (...Move on...!!! )

Some days are just not good...irrespective of any reason. Now what can I say? Thats how it happens sometimes! Or may be we opt for juicing out the pessimism anyhow...or whatever may be the case....but it was simply not good for me.

I can't really point out any reason....any incident...actually! was because my chacha chachi went back to Mumbai....or maybe it was because yesterday I related so many things to the bad things of the past ....but to be concrete....last time saying ... NO REASON...!!!

I was just surfing TV channels yesterday when I randomly stopped to some show....a reality show...whose name I don't know.....and that made me depressed probably..!!! I just held the string and tied a knot of it to my bad days of past. I just non-stop kept on thinking...and thinking....and some more of thinking...!!! And then now I am like this ....

But as they say....MOVE ON....!!! Thats the MANTRA!!! So,I am waiting my shoes to gear up for that. what else can I say??? Missing Chacha and chacha...a lottttttttttttt.......
And really hope that today will be a real ALL IZZZZZ!!!  


  1. Errr...I come in peace from Nipun's blog.

    Read your post.seems like you are :(
    its alright..drink lots of coffee..things gonna be alright!

  2. hey..thanks sorcerer...
    i do drink a lots of coffee...some more will get me a cardiac!!!

  3. I'd say tomorrow is another day.XO

  4. Optimism is the key!!
    Sorcy is here to teach u dat much better.
    Just dont lose hope.
    And as u said," ALL IS WELL"
    So no need to worry.



  5. yup...cheers..
    but i believe...some days shud be bitter too...just to have a different flavour...what say???

  6. aal is well bachhaa... aal izz well..

    agar every day is good, how will you knwo its good?? change chahiye na.. to break routine.. and its good news that its bad day without reason.. i hate bad days with reason :)

    go read sorcerer's posts or a few cool blogs that am following the next time you feel sad for no reason. I can atleast guarantee a smile on your bad day too.. :)

    Dekhaa.. AAL IZZ WELL!!

  7. Life is queer with its twists and turns....
    Treat it like roses, whilst u get sun burns...
    Nxt time if something hits u watchin dat show..
    Switch 2 blogdosts & u'll never feel that low..

  8. @meenakshi Thankyou for the "cheering up" alternatives dear..!!!

  9. @neetu That was really beautiful and cute both at the same time..!! :)


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