DAY 28 (...I owe HIM...!!! )

Hmmmmmm....I am actually not sure as to how to fill this post today? Nothing unusual or remarkable happened....and I don't wanna be partial with any of the bits. But lets see..... thing which I am quite not happy about today is that my Uncle and Aunt (Chacha and chachi) are over with their vacations and are leaving for Mumbai with my 5 year cousin and newly born bro..!!! And thats quite sad... :(

My uncle has always been more of a friend....a supporter.....a feel-good factor in my life! He is undoubtedly one of the prized possessions for me. He always asks me to follow my believe what I feel....and that has helped me to keep going many a times. And same goes with my aunt as well. She is a sweetheart undoubtedly. And there I find a PERFECT FAMILY!!! 

I really owe to God to have blessed me with such people in my life...that I can proudly boast about! Many a times we keep on complaining and shrugging our heads for the PAIN IN OUR ASSES...!!! And...we very conveniently ignore the blessings ... and thats unfair and partial both at the same time. If HE gives you that pain...he also sends someone to heal it as well...!!! 

Be owe HIM for that!!!....And needless to say...have a safe journey chacha and chachi...will miss you..!!!


  1. That was well said.
    I found a way to convey my feelings so simply.
    Just stumbled here..
    Nice blog..



    p.s. I m following u..

  2. hey...thanks nipun...dat was really encouraging..!!! i'll try my best in the further posts too...

    PS- thanks for being a follower..!!


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