DAY 15 (Polling time..!!)

Well...lets have a very important discussion today guys.... Its important for me to know.

Yesterday,I just added 50th person among my known people who opts to take bath after a certain period of days...! Like some of them bath every alternate day, some after every 2 days, some weekly and some based on their exam schedule....
But, I wanna I the only person who can't breathe without taking a bath every damn day? Am I really torturing myself as those of my known ones say?

Oh don't tell me its not a serious issue! It definitely is! Don't you give any preference to your personal hygiene? How can you walk around and live your life normally as if nothing unusual happened today? You really missed that important session of cleaning yourself up...remember?

But those 50 say...that its my freaking nature which enjoys to put myself under that forced punishment of shivering and life risking 20 minutes....
Honestly telling sometimes I do get hammered by those heavy words too...but then I can't skip breathing....or eating....or a matter of fact!! Then why bathing?

Common guys...tell me they are wrong and I am right. I really need some support on this....!!!!


  1. Gah!!! I hate, hate those with the over the top BO.*gags* Seriously, can't they smell their own armpits? It must surely smell after a few days of non-showering. Right?

  2. Right brenda...!! I am so find one supporter at last..!!

  3. I believe having a shower everyday is not just a matter of personal hygiene but much more than that.Anyday you miss it, you feel like missing many other things like viz-a-viz connection with GOD, vibrant energy & freshness that follows us througout the day, etc..etc..etc.
    Chillax Supriya, another supporter your way!

  4. yipppieeeeeeee....thank you so much neetu ma'am..!

  5. Hi Supriya, bloghopped for the reason you mention "Being what I always wanted to be"....

    About this post, I just can't do a single day without taking bath!!!!

  6. hey shrutzz...thanks a ton not only for considering my blog header but also for being a supporter..!!

  7. hey supriya... nice topic to write on... ur views reminded me of my mother... :D but then, jokes apart, u mite wanna look at it frm a guys point of view as well... as in, think bout some1 who has to rush to attend classes at 8 everyday... in d rush, he mite as well give his personal hygine a skip for something more important... aur dheere dheere aadat lag jaati hai... for a girl, obviously hygine wud cum first :) one more point, hw bout considering taking bath as a reminder of a routine life and deciding to give it a miss frm time to time an act of rebellion, howsoever small dat act mite b... on a subconscious level dat it... after all, dont al of us wanna b a rebel... :D

  8. and here comes 51st person...!! gosh..!! great excuses by the way abhinav :P

  9. hehe, thanks.. :D
    try it sometime... after a couple of times, u too mite fall in love with it!!!

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