DAY 42 (Never be a catalyst...!!! )

Being in a very ugly mood since yesterday people are not gonna get anything good from this post. But still let me try.

Actually...I always heard but never believed that one should be a catalyst in hooking your friends up with someone. That creates such a mess with no consequence in return except one - YOU BEING THE ULTIMATE BAD-MAN (bad-woman in my case)!

So much of uncomfortability and uneasiness starts wobbling that you start cursing yourself ultimately. Both the parties (which you were actually trying to hook up) plus the other connectors remind you of the embarassment that you went through when you failed in the process. And that makes you feel insulted and cheated (Don't know why does it feel cheated..but it surely does).

Instead of the FUTURE LOVE-BIRDS doing start rewinding the moments again and again trying to reconfigure where could you have improved or be better. But nothing soothes you. You sit there...practicing for the next conversation you are going to have with either of them and try to glue the expression on your face which you hold in the practice session. 

But then...confidence shatters again and you come back to the starting point. whats done can't be brought back...but here is a free advice for you. Never ever try and be a mediator in any such relationships even when you know its gonna work really well for your friend. Otherwise you'll get cursed for the rest of your life. Mark my words...


  1. Oyyeeeeeeeeeeee.!!!
    wht hapnd...
    nythng wrng..!!?
    u luk upst..

  2. Aye aye sir.. oops..madam..... point noted... I will never be a mediator between the two..

    On a serious note, I know how it feels.. Forget about love birds, I have tried to clear out things between a guy and a girl (one sided love) but failed and made a fool out of myself... The bitch thought I was trying to be a "kabab mein haddi"... That day I swore that I will never do anything for these two people.. Never...

  3. Well well well..
    I think its fun being a mediator..
    There have been times wen i have sorted things out just on my guarantee..
    But all those love birds things are not meant to be solved by a mediator for sure..
    Agree madam...:)
    A gr8 idea to write on..



    p.s. My blog is missing me. When will i write my next post...:(

  4. Hmmmm I have followed that rule always.. I mean always. I promise you that I will heed to your advice and will never do it in future...
    Go on living and learn the life lessons ;)

  5. yaar..nothing wrong as such..!!

  6. @chanz...wish i could know your experience a little sooner...but still this case was a little different..i guess it would have still happened anyways..

  7. @nipun...its good that you will save you from all the "emotional atyachaar" future..

  8. @farila..true..that makes me a bit cheerful because you made me realise that this incident gave me a lesson to learn from life...thanks farila..

  9. Lifes greatest of tax..from this blog!

  10. @sorcerer...see..only sorcerer knows the true value... :D


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