DAY 14 (Your success v/s Someone else's failure!)

A few days ago when I met my 5 year old little cousin and was listening to all her worldly problems like not being able to win in the game of hide and seek three times in a row and etc. , I was just consoling her by telling...if your friend laughs at you for losing a game;don't talk to her from now on...I'll come to Mumbai and then scold her for what she has done! And her naive reply was...

"If someone does wrong to you....that doesn't mean you should do wrong things just for taking a revenge!"

I was astounded...I really was. And I still wonder if I could really have that courage to follow that little girl's principle..? And it made me think twice,thrice and so many times again and again.

Contrary to my DAY 10 post...I believe now that not losing hope is not the only way to achieve your dream or follow your desires. You will be a real achiever only if while not losing do not lose your persona as well. Somebody said something wrong about you...that doesn't mean while praying in the morning next day, you ask for his failure rather than your success. That will make you even a bigger loser than your opponent!

Concentrate on what you have to do with yourself rather than what others think of you. You are answerable to yourself and not to every damn person out there!


People will change. Their opinions will change for you tomorrow too. What can't be undone is what you did in just an impulsive retaliation. Save your energy for your own happiness rather than someone else's sorrow!

And still if you are unable to do it...just read again...a mere 5 year old can do it!


  1. Hey Supriya,I had been reading Shoba De's blog "Life in a Metro" when accidentally hit your profile.Can't say xactly what but surely there was something interesting there that made me read through your entire pages (Day 01 to Day14).Except for the Day 02, which I din't quite understood well, I do feel your writing is simple, thoughtful and neat.Your writing not only reflects the young face of promising India which is strong headed & rooted in values but it determines the make up of your character too, that indeed is beautiful.I wish such a young & beautiful soul good luck in whatever she does & look forward to read more of her in 2010.

  2. hey ne2..that was really so thoughtful of you to stop by here and give me those valuable remarks! i would surely try to do the best from my side and would be eagerly waiting for some more of your feedbacks!

  3. I agree! "The only person that you can change is you." Such simple words and yet most of us have a hard time doing so. Being a grown up blows...sometimes.

  4. Very well said.
    Tough to follow.

    Time is the only thing that changes every moment.

    If at the end of the day you are able to see eye-eye then rest assured you have done no wrong.

    Pray for your success and that alone would work.


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