DAY 35 (ohhhh...I am flattered...!!! )

Why am I flattered right??? Because I am tagged again..... :)

And this time its by NIPUN aka NUTS!!! Thanks buddy...thanks a ton! And so here I go with the questions-

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch

Ohhhh...I hate that weirdo...but still

1- Roadies (Thats a must....)
2- Friends (I can watch all its seasons over and over again...)
3- Splitsvilla (More for Nikhil Chinappa...)
4- Dare to Date (I still wonder whats exactly wrong with that guy/whatever "ANDY")
5- Emotional Attayachar (Have recently started following)
6- Dance India Dance (Some real talent there...)
7- Mahi Way (Its someone's biography actually among my known ones...don't wanna reveal the name)
8- V The player (Have never watched one full episode ..and thus I am still unable to understand the format)

8 Places to eat and dine

1- CCD (Cafe coffee Day)
2- Aryans (Oh what momos...yummm..)
3- Royal Cafe (Coaching days' memories+yummmm chicken)
4- Sharma ji ki Dukaan (World's best tea and samosa..)
5- Dadi's Place (all time favourite)
6- Kocktails and curries (During college days....)
7- Pizza Hut
8- My mind slipped with the name of the place...but its in a mall called WAVES her and its adjacent to Pizza      Hut (Just try their Chicken Biryani someday)

8Things I Look Forward To

1- Getting my hindi poems published
2- Getting my joining from TCS (Tata Consultancies Services)
3- Living in Banglore or Mumbai permanently
4- Making my grandma as happy as i can
5- Having an independent life
6- Making all my well-wishers proud
7- Improvising in my writing
8- Having a well-settled life

8 Things That Happened Yesterday

1- Watched an excellent movie "SYBIL"
2- Got irritated at unknown reasons
3- Talked to Akansha
4- Missed Aditi (my firend)
5- Watched TV for straight 4 hours
6- Struggled with facebook a lot
7- Cursed my internet connection
8- Planned to meet dadi but couldn't do so.

8 Things I love about Winter

1- The warmy afternoons (Thats the only time when I can tolerate sun)
2- My favourite fruit Custard apple is available
3- Peanuts
4- I can show off my over coats
5- Easy way out for refusing to go anywhere
6- Coffee
7- Fog
8- Laziness

8 Things on my Wish-list

Won't mention it again because its the same as the things I look forward too.

8 Things I am Passionate about

1- Writing poems
2- Blogging
3- Punctuality
4- Getting things done my way
5- Watching movies
6- Learning
7- Growing as a person
8- Making my Grandma happy

8 Words/Phrases I often use

1- Obviously...
2- Hey bhagwan...
3- Seriously...
4- Shut the fuck up...
5- Give me a break...
6- Hell noooooo...
7- Damn...
8- Yeahhhhh right...

8 Things I learnt from the past

1- Never try to be predictable.
2- Be balanced
3- Sensitivity and practicality should go hand in hand
4- Never blind trust anyone
5- Keep your ears open
6- Apply brains
7- Nothing is idealistic
8- Learn to adjust

8 Places I would like to go /Visit

1- Mumbai (To my chacha and chachi's place)
2- Banglore (just heard so many good things..)
3- Paris
4- Venice
5- New York
6- Dadi's place (all time ready for that)
7- Any island
8- Goa

8 Things I currently need/want.....

1- My date of joining
2- A nice day out
3- Some fun
4- Having something hot and spicy to eat
5- A surprise
6- A warmy afternoon
7- A good speed internet connection
8- Meeting Akansha or Chacha and Chachi

8 Blogging Buddies I want to Tag
1- Neetu
2- Chanz
3- Mummytime (brenda)
4- Abhinav Prasoon
5- Meenakshi
6- @ease
7- sorcerer
8- cursed

All the best guys.....
Will look forward to your answers...


  1. Haha!!
    cool answers.
    Came to knw more about you.
    My seniors are also waiting for their joining in TCS. And guess what, it is again coming to our college...:)
    Have fun dear!!
    The pleasure was mine..


    Nuts aka Nipun

    p.s. Did i make a mistake??

  2. And yes I forgot something..
    I wam waiting for that poem book of yours.
    Your author walaa name must be supriya nirali ryt...:)

    Just kidding..

  3. lol....that author name was lol....some of my school frns also teased me wid dat...
    and wat mistake r u talking abt?

  4. u seem to be granma's baby.. cool..

    about blore..loads of good stuff but few not so gud stuff too.. a place worth going too...but too much expectations may disappoint.. so expect less, njoy more.. :)

  5. didnt understand ur point of expectations...dear!!

  6. oh and I forgot, Thanks for the tag..

  7. lol...your most welcome dear..!

  8. No mistakes..
    Was a writing error.
    Do we need to learn something before we join such softy companies?
    I am not from a IT CS back.
    So quite confused.
    Plz help if u knw...:)

  9. Waise I have other names too..
    Supriya Diwani, Mastani, Chai paani...:)

  10. I like your blog! It's so fun and inspirational :D

  11. @nipun... well,to disappoint you from electronics and communication(EC) cant be a help honestly...but gonna join by next month hopefully...then maybe i can give you some idea...
    PS- very nice names...but no thankyou :)

  12. @abi...thanks a lot dear....hope to see you more here..

  13. Hi Supriya.. got to your blog through Meenakshi. I thought she was responding to my tagging. LOL. Care to connect with me?
    Your list is very interesting.. this is a great game.

  14. thanks farila...and the reason why you visited me was really LOL! just gonna go through ur blog...

  15. Thanks for mentioning us. Hope to see you at Cafe Coffee Day soon!

    Also, find us on

  16. your welcome...i love the place...


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