DAY 41 (G-talk...Men not allowed..!!!)

Oh..I knew it..!!! Reading the title would have applied all forces of magnetism to all the guys there...and this post is gonna get visited by record-breaking number of guys...he he!! know what boys???...its gonna award you with nothing mouth-watering (yes I know what you are hoping for..!!!)

So...all my girl-friends lets start the group discussion here..
Actually I wanna check if I am an exception here (which i do not think I am)...or is it the regular scenario??

Well...the general perception says that girls are freakingly obsessed about their regular visits to beauty parlours just to cover up the the little flaws they have in their looks. But thats not true according to me.

I'll tell you my personal experience. Yes..its not that that I do not care about the split ends or the growing unshaped things just above my beautiful eyes (wink..!!..wink..!!) but there is also this fact..that I have to really work hard to be mentally prepared to take the pains to go for these monthly formalities..!!

It really makes me so tired and then relieved after getting this done...that I thank god for giving us minimum 28 days per month....!!! And then the next month the cycle continues again..

What the hell!!! Its been a month again....???...Time goes really fast. Thats how the reaction is.

So guys..if you are still reading should know..that it is as tiring for us to do as it is for you to watch us doing it. And want us that ways...right? ..Well maintained by personality...and by every damn short 10/10.

And what do you have to do? Nothing. Maintaining yourself is a completely different can't even  manage to wash yourself up every day..

Aggghhhhhhh...this is what a girl's life is..full of troubles..!!


  1. unfortunately the 1st comment was posted by a guy. :P

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. So is the third!!
    Girls were, are and will be incomplete without a guy..:)
    And u dont knw the pros and cons that we have to go through...:(



  4. If you could just see how lucky you are (except that monthly thing)

  5. @sorcerer...i wonder why were you not first... :P

  6. @nipun...typical guys....always praising themselves...and are losers without a girl in their life...

  7. @cahxor...without the monthly luck would work...boy!!

  8. HA HA HA HA HA....very true!! witty!!

  9. Finally a woman of 44 visits your blog.. and let me tell you something Supriya.. that I have been to beauty parlor only twice in my whole life.. I do give shape to my eyebrows myself though. Once it was for my sisters wedding and she pulled me along with her and another was for hair trimming in USA. There you are not odd person.. if it comforts you.

  10. definitely comforts me...ohh thank god...finally ..!!

  11. @nipun.....yeah obviously...being lazy and useless is always funnn... :P

  12. Hahaha... guys had to read it... I knew it... Supriya, i wish you had not talked anythng about girls... these men would have had a heart ache.. and ofcourse they would definitely hate u n me.. :P bt its fun when u irritate guys.. :P

    and yes, i agree... it takes mamoth size courage to be prepared for the visit... Sometimes, it gets delayed by another month i.e if there isnt event to attend or u r not meeting anybody (read as 'guy').. lol...

    so guys keep meeting us coz u r the ones who makes us look good... :P

  13. @chanz...he he he..irritating guys is the best thing to do yaar..!!!
    and about the happens like zillion times with me...but then events get queued :P lol...

  14. nice first para... even nicer heading chosen... :D


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