DAY 20 (Widen the passage..!!)

I discussed it with my friend Akansha a few years ago...and now I wanna spill it out here too. You know it happens so many times that we very badly wanna be something or aspire something with full passion...but due to some misfortune we don't really get there. Everything goes fine till there. Nothing wrong in being unsuccessful at times too.

What goes wrong is when we impose or rather pass on the same dreams and desires to our younger ones (may be children or siblings). Now thats really unfair..!!! And I am not talking only on their part...on our part too its absolutely wrong and not only selfish. We don't even want to realize that how conveniently we get rid of our toil and make those naive people our victims. "Its so easy to influence the young minds" that means you'll take advantage of it? And then you shamelessly walk around too?

Possessing your own desires other than what the elders wanna inculcate in you is so very obvious ..right? Then why not apply it when you are an elder now.

Its not as narrow as you are imagining it to be! Make the passage of that thing inside your head a bit wider! Thats all you need!  


  1. its easier said than done... everyone is human... a father loves his son coz he sees his own reflection in the child he is holding... its so obvious for him to want his son to accomplish what he couldnt... i dnt think there is anything wrong with that because in any such given scenario, that dream would be for the betterment of the child, who is naive to decide a future path on his own... its very easy to rebel... but then, most ppl who do dont often have a clear cut idea as to for wat they r fighting for... most of such ppl who decry parental control of their lives would end up being failures in their lives... a few of them obviously might go on to gr8 work in their chosen arena, but then such a number would always remain small... i agree that parental influence n control might result in the failure of the child in that chosen field as well... but then, i am quite certain dat if one were to calculate the probability of failure of the 2 cases, the one with parental influence would for sure be lower...

    PS: 3 idiots was a nice movie, but it doesnt mean that everyone must strive to become an 'idiot' like them... :)

  2. I wud say one should have da freedom 2 pursue his dreamz but after a certain age and ofcourse learning in a hard way :), v all realize that some guidance and discipline can really change ur LIFE.I am 27 years old, qualified, standing on my own, don't remember borrowing even a single penny from my parents in da last 11 years, though not too successful but happy 2 b a fighter each day but when I look back YES, I really wish a bit of encouragement and support in da form of guidance 4rm my parents wud have changed my fate.Just x cross my fingers and wish no child shud be deprived of that little something, I will miss throughout my LIFE.

  3. i am happy to read bout d fighter spirit in u neetu... no happiness can perhaps b comparable to it! but again, perhaps due to the generational gap, i guess its difficult for our parents to behave on d lines dat ppl like us xpect them to... a few of dem do, bt definitely nt all... n it wud again be unfair to xpect the same frm all... i am really sorry for d melanchony in ur voice bt am sure dat nw, dey must b proud of u n ur success... :)

  4. @abhinav...Well,my opinion was for those who are completely on the other side of the river! like a child who is creatively enriched cannot be a tech wiz!! so im talking about the start! and moreover it isnt only abt the generation gap...
    coz im nt only a daughter...i am an elder sis too..if i aspired something bt couldnt be there then that doesnt give me right to influence my younger sis' choice!
    and above all its just an opinion....nothing personal!
    PS- i mentioned it in the 1st line that i discussed it a few years ago with my friends....
    3 idiots is released just twice a week ago.. !

  5. @neetu...i really stand by what you said....directly or indirectly i meant the same! and what we all need is just an encouragement ..a push to assure what we have is its own way! everyone can't be on the top..but everyone can actually try and be in his/her area of interest!

  6. point taken... but still i blv dat it (d movie) has had an influence on dis piece of writing of urs... perhaps making u come up with it nw...
    if nothing, it at least rekindled ur memory... :D

  7. lol...i can understand..!! when you imagine sky with the colour of blue once....its hard to imagine it with any other colour..!! Thats ok with me...if its so ok with you..!!

  8. well said... par shaam aur subeh doobte suraj ke waqt aasmaan laal bhi hota hai, ye imagine karna itna mushkil bhi nahin... at least for me, if nt for u...:P

  9. god abhinav...!! i really don't know why is it so egoistic for you to win? can celebrate your success...have fun..!!

  10. chill... mazzak tha... tum to psyche hi ho gayee... didnt know it wud get u so psd off...
    sry for the trouble... :)

  11. lol.....if that sounds pissed off...then all i cn do is...LOL...!!


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