DAY 26 (...An act of utter shame !!!)

Well...I am not in quite a good mood to blog right pardon me for some monotonous lines in between. Actually yesterday,my aunt's(bua's) mother-in-law expired. She was a great lady with immense knowledge and intellectual persona! Belonging to a well-to-do and high status background she had quite a bunch of celebrity friends and relatives. The bollywood actress for example,ASHA PAREKH ji is her best friend since childhood and used to visit her here in Lucknow many a times. But,the irony is that she did not lead a well-deserved life. 

She was living in an old age home despite the fact that her son and daughter-in-law lived in the same city....and I really don't think that any reason could be good enough to leave a person of that age to live like that. It was said that she was admitted in the most expensive old age home of Lucknow...and do you want me to praise the fact? I can't...I really can't! 

Maybe someday my aunt or uncle or their daughter would read this post and then hate me like hell...but I really don't care! Because its really unfair and inhuman from my point of view. How can you leave your parents just like that??? And then you are brave enough to justify your shameful act too? All I can do is...pity on such people.

Maybe,your parents were not always the way you wanted them to be. Thats fine...that is understandable too. But nothing calls for a boycott!! ....As if these people are never gonna grow old....huh???

I do not know whether to mourn or hate right now....because actually it was bound to end that way considering the care and love she was deprived of.

But...for sure no reason can be enough for an end like this ... for an act like this. This is utter more..and no less!!!

I can just pray to god to bless her with heaven....Amen!!!


  1. totally wid u on dis one... aise logon ki to publicly g**** maar leni chahiye...

  2. people doin such acts shud b pelted wid stones, publicly... disgusting...

  3. i respect ur sentiments pls no abusing on my posts....dats a request...!!

  4. if u notice, i havent used any abusive word here... :D bt den, point taken... :)

  5. @ Abhinav & Supriya :
    Cool blue ice
    Cool blue ice
    Cool blue ice
    Cool blue ice
    Cool Cool blue
    Is mantra ka uccharan 5 baar karo.Aap dono ka gussa shaant hoga.I understand your emotions in totality.But what do you think?Uncle-Aunty apne guilt se peecha chura payenge?If they have done an inhuman act, they will never ever be able to live happily.
    Haaton se haath chooth jaate hain lekin dil se dil kabhi chootha nahi karte....Gunaah ka rooh se rishta hi kuch aisa hai ki chaahkar bhi kuch daag dhoya nahi karte....

  6. thanks for the mantra really works..!!
    and beautiful lines there!


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