DAY 21 (Cherish and enrich...!!)

God..!! Its really freezing here in Lucknow...! All my teeth do is just clutter all the time. And then a mug of coffee saves my life..  :)

But...I have seen people who curse the weather every now and then. When its summers,they complain of skin tanning...stress and all. When its rainy ....they are unhappy with the road blocks....and the mess. Winters make them lazy and inefficient. Spring confuses them as to what to feel !!

Oh common...enjoy the nature...!! Although there is not much left of it to be natural...but still whatever is the mood change of the manager up there...we should welcome it with open arms! Enrich and cherish the beauty..

However,I know there are many people who live on streets....can't afford to enjoy weather changes and sometimes die because of the alterations too! there anything we can do about it ? I know I am sounding a bit harsh and ruthless..but you tell you have any alternative? I mean even if you want can provide comfort  to only a handful of them but not everyone...right? Think practically! So does that mean that you will start cursing too and waste your days just like that? Why? What for?

And above all...I am sure you do not curse the nature because you care or are worried for the homeless people out there. You do it....because you think you are getting troubled! And thats not selfishness ...thats just you! I know you can't be philosphical in every expression of yours. But,on the other can surely enjoy those unpaid beauty...the still existing naturality...right?

Try and do that for a change...and then tell did it feel? I bet it'll be much better and cheerful than what you practice in your routine! Give it a shot..!


  1. Oh no doubt about it.. the more someone cribs the more pain it becomes.. start smiling and njoying it and it becomes a constant pleasure.

  2. Life is too short for sorrows and too long for smiles.However,to understand this people take a lifetime.God has given us so much that we need to appreciate and thank him everyday."Even if" we do a "small little part" in whatever way , life , becomes worth it !!

  3. Yeah...thats right guys..!! I hope more people could understand it..!!


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