DAY 13 (Starting with some big bangs!)

Hey...hey! Its not only because its a brand new day of a brand new year but also because it started with few big bangs for me atleast!
As I told you guys, I never plan things...the random and impulsive stimulations work best for me. So yesterday,after 9pm.. all in the family sat in front of the TV  to have some actual ENTERTAINMENT. Surfing channels managed to entertain us somehow. At around 11:30 pm,I got a call from my one of the closest friends that he got selected in DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) at the post of SCIENTIST. That was really a big bang for all of us not only because he got a good career but also because he got what he deserved after so many rejections from other places. So that was the start!
Then when clock striked 12, I surprisingly got a bunch of gifts given to me by each member of my family. That was another bang in the row. A bouquet of flowers, a heart-touching card, a smart wallet and a chocolate cake! Wasn't that a WOW!! After was after 4 years that I was celebrating my new year eve with my family!
Then for the third bang....I and my sisters went to meet our grandparents. It was as wonderful and warm as ever. A tight bear hug, a cute and small idol of GANPATI JI  and half of the chocolate cake was our token of love to them! But the last bang was still to arrive. When my grandpa got to know that I have seriously started some writing work outside my world of diaries too,he gave me a collection of his own published articles! And that was even bigger than a WOW! He is really a remarkable writer. His piece of creativity published in esteemed newspapers and magazines made me so proud  especially genetically! 
So that was truely a start with some big bangs! Hope you guys had a blast too!


  1. Hope you get loads and loads of better and sweeter bangs throughout the year.

    Have a superb 2010!

  2. thanks meenakshi! I wsih the same for you too! thanks for stopping by here...and being a follower!


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