DAY 4 & DAY 5 combined (Trip to meerut!!) start with the experience I have to go in a bit of flashback. Yes, you all can imagine those grey coloured screens with the picture running in bits and pieces.
My father has 2 brothers and 1 sister. In all,they are 4 siblings with my father being the second one. My grandfather who is a very good writer belongs to a well-to-do and spendthrift family. All his children including my father have daughters and there are no guys in the generation. My chacha(uncle) being the youngest one(and possessing one daughter too) just gave my burdened grandfather the "chirag" of his family....a grandson! He got his "lifetime achievement award"...and we got all the exclusive happiness we were deprived of...a brother! Yes this small little angel born on 13th december,2009 has a responsibility of 7 sisters in all and it was a function organised by his maternal grandparents that I had to go and attend in meerut.
Now coming to the journey part,leaving on 22nd december from lucknow station,I with my grandmother,bua(aunt) and cousin had a reservation of 3-tier ac coach. Since,we presumed it to be very comfortable,it was bound to be made sick by some typical sick-minded passengers of indian railways.
Last minute reservation gave us two middle berths and two upper berths by coincidence. Being guilty of presuming to have a friendly and human environment I thought that I'l be able to arrange a lower berth for my grandmother.
Scene-8:30 pm in an overcrowded and noisy station...
A middle aged couple were occupying the two lower berths with blankets covering every last bit of their hair too just trying to show how deeply they are involved in their dreamlands with neither hearing or sight senses working. Forget courtesy, there was not even humanity to leave the edges of the berths for us to stick our ass for the time being somehow. God knows where will we take their permanent home-beds to!
My grandmother who is an asthma patient and is around 60 years of age with general old age woes is strongest of us all. But I must praise the Indian railway passengers to find her so young that she had to fight with her back,neck and knees in a 10 hours journey just because of their cooperation!
Not letting us(including grandma again) to take a step to upper berth by covering edges,insisting to put lights off as soon as we entered and even asking to lower our whisper-talks is just few of their wonderful deeds. I must thank such people really for making me respect my grandma in manifolds than before and giving her one more hats off after thousands of the previous ones. Also this made me realize one more breed of people. True...people cannot be generalised by caste, colour or religion. This defines their breeds!
But anyways...finally getting to hold the little angel in my arms and see him smiling in the first look gave me heaven on earth. Also grandma's smile and relief with the baby on his lap was one of the ultimate moment too.
Such glimpses makes you forget all the stupidity you have been through by now. But you can ignore such issues and should never forget them. May be i am being spiritual, but honestly I've always believed that when GOD made humans and engineered them with all his skills,he would have never thought to manufacture such malfunctions like this. People like this are a disgrace to the society and humanity as well but still I being a "GOD's human device" would just like to wish the duo "GOD BLESS!"
And in case any of you are going to generalise the breed to all the indian railway passengers,I would like to mention our return journey with such a noble man as a co-passenger that he offered us his own lower berth despite the fact that we already had one for grandma! He not only shared his knowledge with us but also was kind enough to offer all the help possible. I hope to find such people more in future just so that my belief on humanity stays alive!
And so all wrapped up...the bottom line is---
Trip to meerut rocked! And GOD bless my little bro....


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