DAY 9 (Try this friendship!!)

Planning from past 6months to meet my kindergarten friend whom i haven't met since 7 years finally was able to execute the plan when it was made for a movie. That's how the magic of multiplexes work! A mere 6 km distance which was not being able to bridge up from past 6 months...didn't even need a breath to confirm this time. But no matter where and when...the point is..that the purpose was completed. It was good to meet after 7 years at the parking lot and then rushing towards the ticket window finding our asses on the cozy chairs after 5 minutes and being together for 3 long hours alongwith almost 100 more people...! But thats how the system works today...
Time is money and if you are investing it then why not on a blockbuster movie. Fair enough!
Am i sounding like a frustrated 60's born middle aged woman...who is bucked up with this "YOUNGISTAN EFFECT"? If yes then I am sorry folks..lets groove back again and give me high five!
You know, this wouldn't work with me still. Advancing or pacing up doesn't mean a happy meal of Mc.Donalds for me. Its much more than that. advanced and effective application being used worldwide has swept off those multi-coloured letter pads today. And if I go to buy one...shopkeepers stare at me as if I have asked them to show some outer planetry thing! Common guys...agreed that e-mails save your time and effort and I won't deny using it too. But for once in a while just try up those self written letters. They shine with your efforts so much that you would try it again I am sure.
For once just try and decide to meet with your school buddy on the beach side or a quite serene garden and you will find that these sites are much more worth than those desperate name-printing lovers!
Advancement lies in exceeding in your relationship...taking a step further to know your friend...finding out the minute details of his/her life rather than staring for 3 long hours on the same screen.
Today you have this time to go for this,trying it out but tomorrow when other worldly responsibilities will snatch you from all sides may be you'll regret for not even just trying it out once. Common.... waste one movie,one Mc.Donald burger and try to have a "nukkad wali chai" on a rainy day together. Smell the rain with each other and discover togetherness.
And then come back here....and I'll be all ready to give you a big high five!!


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