DAY 12 (Give us a break..please!!)

Oh..its the last day of the year and this one is my 12th entry to the blog! 12 being my lucky number in the form of my birth date,I believe this is something which is gonna be lucky for me in a long go.
Oh common...this degree of superstition can not harm any one on the earth. After all,I am not intruding with anyone's life or the laws of nature! Thats just a mere belief and that too an optimistic one.
Anyway..before deciding anything for the new year's eve, I really hope that the TV soaps bless our souls today with some happy moments in their daily episodes so that my mom can be a part of the celebration too. Otherwise if someone in UTTARAN or BALIKA VADHU or CHOTI BAHU or bla bla bla has an accident today or god forbid dies by any chance then this new year is not gonna be happy any more for any of us in the family! don't laugh... its true..really!!
I wonder what if some huge techno fault happens some day and these telecasts can't be broadcasted for a day or two? I can't even imagine the consequences....
But I am pretty sure that when Mr. J.L. Baird invented this strange but unique box of entertainment he would have never imagined that it can cause such destructive effects that it will be prolonged for a tenure even longer than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki devastation.
An unimaginable amount of chilli powder in the dinner indicates that today one of the vamps succeded in her evil plans and the naive and helpless actress could do nothing about it. Has anyone ever wondered if any one of us someday dies out of a gastrointestinal arrest kind of thing? Ok...ok I don't even know if anything like that exists on the earth but what if it does?
I am pretty sure we are at par victims of  the SAAS-BAHU feuds of television but for god's sake today everyone deserves a break...!! It ought to be party time guys...plsssss....!


  1. Hi Supriya. My first time here. Congrats on your 12th post!

  2. Hey MelRoXx..welcome to my little world! Hope I get your regular feedbacks... And thankyou for your wishes..!


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