DAY 10 (Follow your dreams!)

I can't really recall the time when I wrote my first poem. But my parents tell me that I was in class 4. I remember rushing towards my parents with a piece of paper in my hand and reciting it with all animations. They told me I have a bright future in writing. It was a kind of nursery rhyme which I still remember word by word. I very fondly stole one of my father's blank diary and made it mine by entering my name and the first poem of my life. And today I have 3 diaries with more than 400 poems in all. Nothing changed except the promise that I was gonna have a bright future in this field. I still remember to fill those columns of "my aim in life" in my friends' slambook as "winning the GYAN PEETH AWARD" till class 9th. After that, I was consoled to give up the dream.
Being a good student of mathematics, I was convinced to be born as an engineer. And by god's grace today I am an engineer indeed!
But, you know priorities should never change. Dreams make your life beautiful. And thats why you are asked to follow them.
Take your time. But don't give up. Just don't. I haven't...
I have promised myself to find my book of poems in your hands one day. Respect your dreams. And they will respect you. After all...thats all you can call to be proudly your own personal possesion.


  1. Hey Supriya ...

    Your post reminded me of a Will Smith dialogue from the movie 'The Pursuit of Happyness' ... He said, 'If you have a dream, protect it' ... from the world and most importantly from your fearful self ... Hope to see your published book of poems in stores soon so that I can mail you back as a fan!!! take care and all the best for the new year ahead ...

  2. thank you so much sir! that would really help me to go with the full force!

  3. Hi Supriya,

    I'd only hope that you take it as my message of good wishes. Literary ambition is not everything; what matters is how one sustains the muse. I know you have that, since the day you stole your father's diary. Keep acting as much as dreaming. Nice.


  4. well...thanku mr.nanda! It was really appreciable. I hope your wishes work for me.


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