DAY 2(21st december,2009)

You know what..being good is also harmful at times. No.. this is not a self appraisal blog and neither is it against any crunch of the world. Its just a mere fact..a big dotted fact!
And you would also nod your head in the approval I am sure... as the writing proceeds.
"Ohh...he is your friend?? Yeah fine with me...but you don't know the world. Everyone is here to befool take advantage of you being a girl."
"But dad...he is just a very very good friend..!"
"Fine... do whatever you want to..but don't blame me in the future!"
An 18 year old middle class girl who has shared her barbie doll's secrets to her first crush experiences to her dad is just entangled in those few words. God knows whats in her head. God knows what would be her next step. But she is a blind believer in her parents. She is not a great daughter or an imprisoned child. She is just a dependent child who has always thought and decided to follow the footprints.
Next step... "hey friend...I am really sorry but I think I would never like to talk to you in future. take care. bye"
Time passes to another year....
"You know what ......the breed belonging to this religion is always disloyal...dishonest and backstabbers. Mark my words."
"But cannot generalise everyone!"
"Fine with me..but don't blame me in the future."
Next step..."hey..Yeah you are right..we are in the same class..but I am sorry....kindly pardon your last name please."
A couple of years more...
"I know she is your best friend...but why cant she come to meet you??...and by the way whats the need to meet in a mall??...You have returned from hostel...Don't you think whoever wants to meet you should come by herself"
"But dad..i wanna meet her parents and brothers as well..its been so long!"
" problem with me but don't blame me in the future"
Next step..."hey sweetie...sorry yaar...but i think its gonna rain heavily today..and tomorrow I have to leave too. If by any chance i catch a viral...then it would be difficult to handle"
Days and months and years passes...
"You don't even know the way to ABC dumb are you??...I am sick and tired of you kids"
"But dad.. you never allowed me to go am I supposed to know?"
"Right! all is my are a saint..I know where you have been wandering about these years..what you have been upto?"
"Is that all the trust u have and had in me till date?"
"Meet my friend beta...He is Mr. XYZ"
"But isn't he of the same breed you told me dad?"
But you know what...time is an irreversible cycle. What is gone is gone. And still there is so much to lose. What I can do is just watch it being carried away.
Its not against the generation...its not against the thoughts.
It is against myself to be accussed of having a brain to understand the difference between right and wrong and being able to convert it into a bunch of words.


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