DAY 7 (An honest confession!)

It happens most of the time that just in an attempt to grab today's happiness we let go our prized possessions evaporated in the air. And that is obviously such a disaster to our own life. May be you cannot see that for now but when its gone you can't undo it too.
As far as I am concerned,it happens so many times that I take the assets of my life just for granted and go really unnecessarily out of the way for some temporary lanes of my journey. Never do I think what if I could try the 10% of those efforts for a really deserving and overwhelming reaction...something for which the efforts were meant to be. And still after so much of realization too, I know nothing is gonna change. I will be as dumb as always.
Going into a deep thought you may find that most of the times we feel...that she/he is already there for matter how good or bad i may be. So whats the need for the show-offs?? right?
But what we call show-offs are some necessary expressions to say that "yes, I am here for you too...and you are as special to me as you have always been!"
That shine in the eyes,those lumps in the throat and that impulsive warm bear hug...would give you all the happiness which you have been deprived of till date while planning the hell out of your head for some undeserving bits and pieces.
Those bits..whom you think might be the important parts of your life's puzzle are actually just a clue to it. When in the last few years of your life you'll see the full picture those would not be the edges even.
This is the time when you go and tell your special friend...your beloved...your brother/sister or your parents...whoever it might be...that I love you forever and ever and you will always be that most special ingredient to my life. A small confession will give you the most satisfactory moment you ever me.
 And being wise and honest for this day...I would like to confess to this special person of my soul friend say "Yes..I love you sweetie...and you are and will be the most important ingredient of my life. God bless our friendship.Amen."


  1. sooo...swwweeettt....
    I love u 2...mst of d tym i do say tht i knw all as u wrote its gd 2 say the same ways it is gd 2 hear all thse thngs evn
    love u.....
    n thnk u 4 lettng me be tht spl ingrdent of ur lyf...

  2. My birthday on the day..:)
    Anyway, Supriya good goin'..!

  3. thanks shivani..! but didnt get you? your birthday..when...26 december?


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