DAY 6 (The most memorable Christmas of my life!!)

Hey... the bells are jingling...and the celebration is in the air. Santa is the most awaited guest on every doorstep today and every neighbourhood is looking forward for their share of gifts! And so am I...
 My idea of celebration is to have a small outing with my sisters and to have a small yet great evening! Like every year..this year too I was wondering as to what to gift my young that their christmas would be as wonderful as they themselves are...
Trying to explore the planet of all available options I just picked up my scooty...and drove off!
Alas...traffic jams were the first gift of the day for me...! As the City of advancing...there are all new explorations that everyday you can get. One of them was a little.. hardly 4-5 year old boy wearing a dusty Santa cap...holding a stinking and dirty piece of cloth in his hand who started wiping my scooty off on the signal all of a sudden. I just tried to get rid of him at an impulse so that i do not have to slip a penny from my pocket. His deep brown eyes...stared at me in amazement and innocence and I got a naive reply... "paisa nahi chahiye...hum santa claus hain...muft me gaadi saaf karenge!!" (I do not need money...I am the Santa Claus today...wiping off all vehicles without cost)...I was awestruck for a second...and I guess got a few goosebumps too. I was feeling pity for be so petty and degraded! I was a sinner today and the guilt of an impulse reaction was going to be a forever part of me...I was sure!
Still thinking what to do to undo my sin...I got the green signal...and the Little santa...waved me a jingling goodbye. I had to move with a heavy heart and spinning head with no idea of which directions to follow.
Finally reaching the mall to get back to business... I tried to find some gifts but couldn't find any because of my head not being at the right place. I was losing my centre of gravity i suppose and was very soon going to enter the crust of the earth with the realisation of my selfish behaviour.
Doing the least I could do...I just bought a chocolate and got my ass back to the same traffic signal to find the Santa again. But,he was gone!
I am still wondering if I could just meet my Santa again and give him a warm hug with a heartfelt apology.
Today I realised how heartless we become at times to live with the flow of life least realising that one strike can crush our heads.  My evening plan is still on and probably I am the only one who met the real Santa today. But the irony is I am probably the only one surviving on the planet who is feeling disgusted over meeting the most awaited heartthrob today!
However I can't bring back the moment but if someday I could meet him again,I would like to get to my knees to thank him for reviving the soul inside me and giving me the best gift of the 23 christmas I had till date.


  1. U really met a real Santa, who really awoke both of us. We always thinks about ourselves,never thinks about somebody else. He, The SANTA Boy taught us "Apne Liye Jiye To Kya Jiye". This incidence was really heart touching.

  2. thanks prateek...your comment was really valuable...!


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