DAY 11 (A freaking day!)

Whats happening ? Has that weather manager up there forgotten that its 30th december today? Its raining out here! Sometimes I feel what if all those things shown in the movie "2012" would come true? It started with drizzling no? I am totally freaking out...not only because of this weather and my scary imaginations inspired from the movie but also because everyone around me is into this stupid "resolution business".

What the hell!!!!

I hate resolutions..I really do. Had it been 6-7 years ago,you would have probably found me with a resolution board in my hand asking every member of my family to write down theirs and get it signed. But,that was because I was asked to do it by my school teachers. I could never justify it but preferred to follow the instructions blindly. But, now I hate it. I mean how can you promise to do something for a full stretch of 365 days when you can't really confirm your today's evening  plans? This is ridiculous. Just to follow the trend,I can't be in this mushy business. Restricting myself to something can never make me do it. Thats what I know about myself. And I can bet if even 10% of those who do this resolution thing...really follow it for the whole year. Getting yourself registered in the annual scheme of a gym doesn't mean that you are going there regularly! Meeting your grandparents  atleast once in a week gradually adjusts its interval to monthly visits! And not fighting with your sister can hardly resist itself for just the first day of the year...that too because you are too busy partying..!!
So,why to just do it for the sake of doing it. Ultimately,you will do what you like to do and what is convenient for you to do. So,its better not to fool around yourself.
And still...if you don't get my point...come on then...lets take a resolution this year...that
What say??? :)


  1. Yep- resolutions=so overrated. I never do any of them anyway, so what's the point. Time. Waster.

    But more towards the comment you made on my blog, I'm sorry if you took it that way, that was really not what I meant, at all. I pretty much always ramble uncontrollably.

  2. Thats ok..I am glad you gave it a concern atleast! That was nothing personal from me either.
    And as far as resolutions are now you might know my opinion....they are yuk..!!

  3. I agree with you ! I think it works on the principle of psychology as well . The more you force yourself to hang on to something , the more resistance you face from your own self [ when we dont have 100 % drive for it ]
    Good post !

  4. Hear hear Supriya!

    Down with the stoopid resolutions. Tehehe...

    ps. Hope you and your loved ones have a Blastful 2010.XO

  5. he he..!! thanks for being a follower and the wishes brenda..!
    Wish you and your family a rocking 2010 too..!


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