DAY 187 (Asshole-ism)

Asshole-ism cannot be defined or measured. It is just a trait which I think quite easily found these days. I have had so much of it that I can categorise it now-

  1. The Ungrateful Ones-
This is the rare sub-category where people forget who gave them that one push that they needed. They tend to show that it is all happening because of their own hardwork and talent and that they never needed anyone's help. They get so immersed in their delusion that they start taking the person who started it all as "invisible" and they ignore and choose to keep the poor guy "uninformed". They think they will achieve great heights with this and people will praise and bow down to their talent but they will soon meet someone on the way- "the truth"!

    2.  The schizophrenic ones-

The ones belonging to this category choose to act as idiots so that people can never blame them for their idiocity. They are born-idiots who have nothing inside their brains except bullshit but they choose to flaunt it and gain sympathy out of it. Such people often forget that the other ones around them are not schizophrenic and they are well-aware and choosing to ignore shit-heads like them.

   3. The ones having no respect of their own-

This is the most common type of category where people get so down to earth that they decide to bury inside it ! :D
We..the normal people often get offended by their asshole-ism but we should understand that if a person has no respect then how can he give it to someone? He doesn't even know that things called "honour" , "respect", "decency" exists! 
The people belonging to these sub-categories also often tend to inherit some amnesia traits so that they can forget their ashole-ism in order to prove someone else an loser! The best way out of these sub-category people is to fill them in a trash bag and dump them in a gutter. Thats where they belong my friends!!

Well...this almost covers 70% of assholes of the world. Life is still going on and I am sure I am yet to meet further sub-categories. I promise you guys to keep you updated throughout!
Signing out for now..!!! :-)


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