DAY 127 (An out of my mind post...)

Is it justified to be crazy 24*7?
To feel that you are going crazier every second...and no one can stop it..not even pause it?
To be absolutely clueless of the reasons behind your actions,reactions and even subconscious?

Probably not....

People around you won't accept it. They won't let you be like this or accept you in that manner. And then you have that mask which you wear to hide your true face. Right?

But... till when??? How long would this continue?

Either you'll lose yourself or your mind? And thats even more dangerous.

And thats whats up with me. And I am scared. Like reaaaaallll.....scared...! Sometimes I wanna hide myself. The other times I wanna run away. Things spin around just like that. And then I realise that I am at the same damn place..and the world has kicked me right on my face.

Can that really happen? Or I am just in some nightmare? Gosh...I am getting hysterical again.
Gotta hang up guys! Cya some other time...


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