DAY 233 (Is it worth it...?) is not worth it.

  • To go out of the way for someone when he just shrugs you away.
  • To be committed to something when there is no future to it.
  • To give away your time-out, your happiness for something which later mocks at your unhappiness.
  • To be available for someone who had blocked you long ago.
  • To expect out of nothingness.
  • To work hard and then get a kick in the ass.
  • To be physically incapable of being a part of something so tedious, but still torturing yourself ..assuming its your duty.
  • To be "not" showing off and then getting comments on not being vibrant.
  • To be right on line and then pushed at the end line.
  • To be righteous in the world of falseness.
  • To be emotional for a rock.
  • To be tagged forever to something which goes away in a fortnight.
  • To be exasperated at cold-blooded.
  • To be tearful for emotionless.
  • To be attached.
  • To be a part of something that is nothing.
  • To be hurt.
  • To be disappointed.
  • To be expressing.
  • To be complaining.
  • To be a someday ..."will be".

So breath out...and live in the moment. Whatever it shows you in the first happy to receive it. Love the idea of love. And just keep faith...


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