DAY 196 (Rendezvous with your mirror..!)

They tell you what you should do only when you DON'T want an advice.

They tell you what NOT to do and never what you should do instead.

They tell you that throughout your life your all actions were wrong because you DIDN'T follow them. The ones that gave good results were inspired by them somehow they believe.

They always tell you only your UNPLEASANT features and choose to forget the pleasant ones because they don't matter.

They turn you down, they push you back, they even kick your asses in front of a whole lot of another bunch. But still they were and they are NEVER wrong.

They scrutinize  your life, your living style and your breathing and claim that they NEVER kept control on you.

They are NEVER excited for your excitements, they NEVER pay heed to what you like and what you don't, they NEVER care what you wanted to be and what you are.

They always ASSUME you to be happy when you are in their ideal set of conditions and DECLARE you unhappy when they don't like the way you are living currently.

You live amongst them.
You breathe amongst them.
Some of you are even part of them.

And yet you choose to be the followers and care what they will say!
Hahh..! You are much beyond just ridiculous! 


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