Day 193 (Peace ..!)

I have been asking myself..since when did I have to "think" to write? I just blabber on the paper as I do it with my mouth! Then why has it been so hard since a month. And you might call me bonkers if you would know that how free I am on weekends these days..but the reason is just "peace of mind". Truly. I know it sounds like I am ageing or is it another one of those spiritual sessions? But..No its not.

And it is not spiritual because the solution is not meditation or concentration? Its literally peace of mind without forcing it.

We always think that Ohh..we have nothing to do. Its a lazy weekend. I am bored to hell..!! My mind is blank. But wait a minute! Is your mind blank..I mean..really is it?

Having nothing to do, nowhere to go might keep your body free but your mind is wandering if you can't do something which you want to do. For example, if you have nowhere to go that doesn't mean that you don't want to go anywhere! It just means that you are falling short of something to complete that course of action.
In other times, you have time and you want to do so many things that your mind is jumbled up with what to do and what not to do, which to prioritize and which are doable. Eventually sometimes you end up doing nothing, and people ask the next day what did you do last two days? And you have no more than a single-word answer probably.

Peace need not be a conscious decision. It need not be a planned event too. You just have to take everything in life one-by-one and accept all the NOs at once rather than moaning about it.
Peace comes by taking things piece-by-piece.

And since after this one month of self-experiment and research, I am finally able to blabber something on paper again, I guess the theory works. :-)


  1. Happens to me a lot of times when i have so much to do and I end up doing nothing!
    I Have tried that piece by piece option recently and yeah its true it worked wonders for me.

    It feels so good to read your blogs..keep it up :)


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