Day 195 (Priorities are not your first love..!!)

Prioritizing is one thing and losing yourself is another. I have seen people who in the chase of "efficient prioritizing" forget themselves. They make their priorities their likings and sometimes start calling them their hobbies too. But I want to shake them and ask them "Is it your hobby? Really?? Do you love to do it? And if not...then who are you lying to?"

I mean you don't need to pin down your love or likings by analysing which one will be accepted more and taken well by the company you are surrounded by. I have also seen people deciding on the terms which will make their boss happy. For example, I like to dream about codes..(applause in the background); I like to script while taking shower... (appreciation by the team); I like to give a code fix while I am shitting (Weird faces but applause in the background)!

Did you ..(who fall in this category) just realised how big an idiot you sound like? Yes you are. You sound like an idiot brainless piece of mechanical device living on a chip. And your applause were the topic of mocking by the same applauders..mind you!

I know it won't make a difference in your listings. I know you just turned to other tab to see the progress of the work that you were doing on a Sunday afternoon but I still wanted to spill it.

Atleast I know that I am not loving it ..not even a bit.. :-/


  1. I think that depends in which kind of environment you are. If you are in a team jahan sab hi phenku hein to phir to har koi phenkna shuru kar deta he but if you are in a team where all talks about good meaningful things then people will talk about those things.

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