Day 198 (For the ungrateful ones..!)

You should do anything in life...but never be ungrateful..!
You might be might be might be "busy"...but being ungrateful might hurt someone too much to recover from.

You should never forget how much the person gave in for you once upon a time. You must not forget his efforts and you must not keep declaring it as a debt too. Love and affection can only be exchanged in these two units. Its not a debt to get undone with. And if you can't exchange them in the same units then be indifferent rather than being arrogant. It would hurt the doer less and make him less of a fool.

You cannot hide it under your immaturity...your poor memory or your daily schedule. It is you who lag the courtesy and the first step to mend it is to accept your ungratefulness.

Time might bring new people to your life but it can't overwrite the past times that someone gave to you for you to use it. Use it but don't spoil it. And if anything else then atleast don't mock at it.

You...all of you...who are doing this..are making things like relationships, bondings and humanity replenish from earth. And thats not a good idea. Because your acts will not leave anyone else to be replaced for your needs and requirements in future! Its your own loss by your own hands. Decide yourself.


  1. Adding this to my list of favourite blogs written by you.

    1. Really? :O It wasn't that good! You surprise me :P

  2. You are right,often people end up forgetting the people that help them be what they are and reach here they are now. One should never be that stupid and arrogant.

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