DAY 175 (Reality kicks again..!)

There are stages in my life when I need a reality check. It hits me hard but it makes me ready for the next stage as well.

What is the first thing which happens inside that head of yours when you give a commitment of friendship..of love to someone?.. When you know that this is gonna last till life! ..For me its a list of expectations... a behavioral pattern which I assume to be a part of the other person. But accuracy is only theoretical. And thereafter hits reality.

Its okay if the other person has different ways of loving. Maybe its not that the person doesn't care, it might be that he/she does not know at all. Also, its never about who is 60 or who is 40. But no matter even if one person owns a 90 and the other one covers only 10..there are times when even that "10" weighs and you badly need it.

There are times when you have the need..the urge not to be misunderstood. You want to be talked out. You want to be carefree of the way in which you are talking/expressing yourself. You want to be in the comfort-zone. Because there are things which you need to talk about and for a change its not on the topic "me and you".

But sophistication spoils it all.
How would the person feel?
A smile is something which should be permanently stuck on my face..
What if something which he/she does not like?
These crazy discomforts and the unending wait of turning it upside down...that is the reality check I am talking about here!

But you know, in the doesn't matter. You just modify your list of "behavioral patterns" and you are again good to go.
Because if you love just love... 


  1. there is no commitment in friendship.....ts only friendship....
    " if you love just love... " true..

  2. @maverick..thanks for liking the blog post once again. But for me, every relationship has a said or unsaid commitment. Friendship is no exception :-)


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