DAY 169 (Virtue vs character)

People weigh a lot. There own weight might drop by few pounds in between....but they don't care! Being judgmental is just their "thing".

So that forces the person being judged to get a chance of self-rating. And I got a similar chance. No matter what gets approved further...but here is my "thing"...
I believe that
Possessiveness is just a virtue. Obsession becomes the character. What itches me is to GPS myself in between!

Its okay to feel bad not to be attended. Its okay to wish to get back what you desired to give. Its okay to be uneasy not to be in the tick-tock of the clock.

What gets judged is the reaction to these actions. But then its also okay not to like the judgment or the "judges".

Its just okay to be you and accepting yourself your own way.

Intrusion is just injurious to health.  


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