DAY 168 (I am my own boss..!!!)

Has it ever happened to you that when you are told to do something, you get an urge of not doing it irrespective of the fact that probably you were thinking of doing it in the first place?

Well...that was confusing ...right?

But on a serious front, I don't know how many of you have faced this weird crazy attitude inside yourself that you say no the moment you are told to say yes for something. It doesn't matter at that moment what you actually wished for. What you thought was supposed to be done. Whether you wanted to do it in the first hand or not. But its just the obsession of saying NO at that moment.

For me, I never like being told! I prefer doing things anonymously and wanna save the trouble of getting any feedback over it. Probably it is because I do things from my heart. And for me they are done the best way they could have been done. And I don't like to send it for scrutiny for further examination.

Be it anything. Doing a minor household work or a major office task. Its just like I want to be my boss. If I ask myself to do something, then only my brain will function for it. Its like a voice encryption code attached to it. No one can "proxy" that.

Its probably a negative habit. A wrong attitude.

But... thats me! :-)


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