DAY 220 (Time travel...)

Writing used to be fun. Situation-independent. Day-time-mood-schedule-independent. There was a thrive to write. There was a passion to blog. It was something to look forward to. It was the coolest ventilator and the hottest opinion-boiler. It was competitive and conservative altogether. It was a start. It was just a start...

Now... its all an ongoing process. There is no destination to it which is content in a way. There has to be a reminder to push the button and once pushed, there has to be a considerable thought-process to the assertion.

You might think that this all is wearing down is what I mean. No. Its exactly opposite I believe. I have learnt to stabilise I feel. My passion has elevated from achieving to growing. And for growing you need to camp yourself. You can't run all the time. You can't be just a racer. You have to travel through your skills. Your words. Their crafting. Their imagination.

It has to be a steady river rather than a storming ocean. It has to see its ups and downs but in its own time. It has to start accepting the failures and dismiss words like 'success' 'pinnacle' 'achievement'. These words might sound very satisfying but they kill your growth after themselves. They stop you there because there is no road ahead...they say.

But there is...
Only if you choose to travel rather than racing to destination.   


  1. Keep Travelling I would say , coz the journey is always better than the destination!
    A very nice blog indeed. :)

  2. Life is a continuous unending learning process and one can never say that the destination has been it is with writing which brings forth your thought process......happy writing.....I am your die-hard fan!!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot !!! Really honored to hear that !!

  3. you know what, all said is well, but at the end of the day, travel without knowing the destination will all be in vain! sometimes its just fun to be kids, and thrive to win, race to reach. After all, you work, increase your knowledge, and if you dont get promoted, you cant go on with this logic ;)

    1. You are yet to come out of moh-maya then ! :P


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